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  1. tmoran000

    Question about Ram

    I figured this out. It was that my ram cards were installed in A1 and B1 instead of A1 and A2. Moved the ram card and boom all is available now. Thanks everyone for the help
  2. tmoran000

    (Solved)Server randomly crashes

    Update**** It turns out that it was a bad CPU causing this to happen. I replaced the CPU and it resolved the issue totally.
  3. tmoran000

    Question about Ram

    ya something is Def not right. Based on the Free -h command it is saying that I only have 7.8gb total which I know is incorrect so Somehow unraid is not seeing the other 8gb I have
  4. tmoran000

    Question about Ram

    So here is a question.. I am allocated 7.9gb, I have 16gb installed but it shows me using 61%... the math doesnt add up. 7.9 of 16 is not 61%
  5. tmoran000

    Question about Ram

    Ok, thanks
  6. tmoran000

    Show me your builds!

    work in progress, have 1 more chassis to enter
  7. tmoran000

    Question about Ram

    Can someone explain to what the allocated ram is and why it would be different from my installed ram.. Is the allocated ram what goes to VM's?
  8. tmoran000

    Plex issue with Plex mobile.

    So I have a weird issue I can not figure out. I have the latest Plex release for unraid. I have 2 folders sharing, TV Shows and Movies. in the web app but of these folders are available locally and remotely however when I use the mobile app it loads the Movies fine but the tv shows it says a message that says that my server is unavailable and to check my connection to the server. Anyone else have this issue? Both tv shows and movies are in the same "Share" folder titled Media... I just can't find anything that would be restricting this connection
  9. tmoran000

    (Solved)Server randomly crashes

    Update*** We have gone back to 6.5.2 from 6.5.3 to see of any change
  10. tmoran000

    (Solved)Server randomly crashes

    ok so again same as before. random shut downs on anything cpu intensive... there is a new screen showing.. maybe this can help someone help me with this.. .
  11. tmoran000

    (Solved)Server randomly crashes

    So this is still happening and is getting so annoying. Anything cpu intensive process causes this to crash out the same way. I google searched and I see other Linux distros have the same Kernal issue with resolve. That does not make me feel good about this
  12. tmoran000

    Unraid 6.5.3 Call Trace Error, Faulty Memory?

    me and a few other guys are having similar issues. the immediate crash. No one seems to have any idea whats causing it. Good luck
  13. tmoran000

    Remote desktop Support.

    Thanks for the response. I figured that would be the response I would get I hope someone is a hero and can help us both out with a solution
  14. tmoran000

    Remote desktop Support.

    What I am looking to do but can not find a resolution and their may not be one but I was hoping to host my own remote desktop support system for some Tech support services I wanted to offer. What I am looking for was something like what GotoAssist or logmein rescue offer. Where I would send the customer to a website and give them a code that I generate and it auto downloads the remote desktop software and the connection is made.. I have searched all the apps, dockers, forums and I can not see any app that is set up for remote desktop support. I know I can sign up for these companies and pay them tons of money but I figured I could host my own.. Does anyone know of any solutions to run on unraid? if not does anyone currently run something like this and if so what do you use? thanks.
  15. tmoran000

    Help With Backing Up Server (6.5.3)

    I went through something like this when I first set mine up. I wanted a system to auto back up folders that I pick and back them up at a location I choose and I wanted it to keep 1 week of changes before over writing the oldest one. The way I found to so this was running a windows vm and using Acronis Backup software. Works perfectrly. I could not find docker software or anything to back up with

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