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    Looking for quad 1gb nic

    I went for the I/O Crest SY-PEX24045 IO Port Gigabit Ethernet Intel i350-AM4 Chipset, I have been using it and stress tested it on my pfSense for some time & can safely say they work great. I actually have 2 of them on in my pfSenser and the other in my main unraid.

    Loving unRAID!

    nice story, I went a similar way my self but with personal build no NAS devices bought. I had myy fair share of raids and fails. windows server & other operating systems, but eventually I landed on unRAID and was love at first sight.

    Forum signature wrong, with old info

    try accessing the forum using a different browser. I'm using firefox.

    New drive won't spindown

    yup, i love his videos. He knows what he talks about.

    New drive won't spindown

    just a heads up, be careful about the molex cable. they are really not so relaiable and could melt under high loads, just try getting a different compatable power supply.

    unRAID OS version 6.5.3 available

    am I reading this correctly!
  7. I think everything should be managed through the SG-1000 as pfSense is a must for any home network for that additional layer of seucirty, in addition It makes forwarding a bit more organised and managable. I think once you get into pfSense you will get an upgrade later on, I started with a j3455 board and ended up with an i3-7100 as my main router, it can do a lot for your network.

    Share Your Banners

    I like having abstract designs, these are for both my servers One is server plus hence the larger backdrop for the Limetech logo and name.
  9. I used to watch his videos until he became linus ads and mobiles
  10. I started with 8GB as a minimal in any of my builds, then moved the components to different builds left and right and ended up with 2 servers each with 16 GB. Intel i7-6700K - 16GB 2x8 Corsair LPX @3200Mhz This is the file & media server with a single Windows 10 VM with a gtx 1060 6GB streaming games. Ryzen 1700X - 16GB 2x8 Corsair LPX @3000Mhz This is the VM Server with 4 VMs and planning 2x16GB in the future. I think 8GB is reasonable for any simple build for a file & media server witha couple of usefull dockers.

    unRAID OS version 6.5.3 available

    @ryoko227 After I have moved the system to another USB and with a single HDD for VMs only, I copied the same VM of windows 10 from the First machine over the network and I'm actually runing it without an issue on an HDD. The only change is I pushed the DDR to 3000Mhz & running stable for almsot 24 hours now. on an SSD and a GTX 1060 it becomes laggy, on an HDD and a GT 710 its going great, I'm confued lol EDIT: also running same number of cores 8

    unRAID OS version 6.5.3 available

    Always mostly day of release, I have a Bookmark folder for daily bios updates checks for all my boards. Once there is an update I check of the changes & start applying my settings, amongst them is disableing c-state & enabling vm & IMMO settings. I have to mention that my memory is not on the compatible list so I keep it at stock speeds at 2133. I've used the machine under windows for a week with the memory set to 3000mhz and no issues. Every kernel panic cause the system to restart a parity check and with 8TB drives it takes for EVER.

    unRAID OS version 6.5.3 available

    On my Ryzen 1700x with the Asus x370 motherboard all Windows VMs with GPU passthough are not functional at all. VMs workes great at first boot after installation but when restarted a couple of times they start lagging and hanging and take over 2 minutes just to load the main desktop & from there it is very difficult to do any task. Once the GPU is removed I can remotely log in without an issue and everything will work fine, I think it is an issue related to GPU passthorugh the AMD side the system momory is at default speed and other VMs are working without an isse the VM has 8 cores + 8GB ram + 1 GPU (GTX 1060 6GB) passthrough not system gpu. I eventaully solved it by moving unRAID to my older i7 6700k on Gigabyte Z170X board. the VMs are running smooth with over 10 reboots and still testing nothing is gone wrong till now. I think its an AMD related issue.

    unRAID OS version 6.5.3 available

    update went smooth as usual even with the Ryzen.

    unRAID OS version 6.5.3-rc2 available

    updated last night, all is good and things just seem to be running even smoother. Thank you guys

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