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  1. FTP Server - WebGUI options

    I have disabled FTP on my unRaid. When not using it, better disable it. But I also know some cases needs the FTP. So instead of removing it altogether, why not disable it as default?
  2. WiFi rather than Ethernet only for unRAID

    yet the router/bridge/AP solution requires a transformer that will suck unnecessary power to run the unit. Whereas an internal wifi-card will only use the power required for the card(s). I know it is not much, but for a 24/7-365 setup it will accumulate to noticeable amounts. That said, my setup (once all my parts arrives [read once I have the coin to buy them]) will be a managed poe switch to switch two WAN to one socket (I have two public IP) and a unify AP, to reduce power consumption.
  3. file browser in webui

    +1 even if MC via ssh is ok, its not great. I have tried Krusader via docker, but it is no longer maintained.
  4. Do you use spin up groups?

    I dont use them. But if I could have a saying then leave tje feature for people to fine tune their system.
  5. Maybe a slight re-write: "one box that serves all!" Another one thought is that I have friends that buy themselves poor in Synology and Qnap boxes. With that thought this could be an idea: "You bring the hardware, unRAID delivers the rest!" If they are poor I apologize... But its rather late here in little Denmark.
  6. Adding an Encryption Layer

    +1 for encryption on share level. also... +1 for cache/array encryption.
  7. Crackling sound in VM (via HDMI)

    I gave up on HDMI sound and bought a cheap USB sound card and passed some USB ports through to solve this. and it works... sort of. it sometimes drops, but I do think it is due to my 15-20m long usb cables.
  8. Balance after Mover Runs

    When reading this thread, I cant help to think of a more refined solution where the mover as it is today runs as it always does. but at a user defined interval (day/week/month/quarter/year) runs the balanced-mover. that perform the above mentioned task.
  9. 144GB reg. ECC. Nice to see Unraid using excess RAM as cache.
  10. Windows 10 VM - GPU passthrough

    If your Graphics card is older than the 600 series, it will not work. I learned that the hard way.
  11. Hi all, First I like to point out I am totally new to Unraid but have played with ubuntu before, yet I am no expert. I have an Unraid box (tyan s7012 with 2x X5660 and 144GB RAM) where I would like to create some VM's among them a Windows 10 for games. I succeeded in creating a VM where I got quite good performance on the graphics part, the sound part - not so much. After trawling the internet (thanks to all who have posted solutions in this forum, and Spaceinvader 1 on youtube, all have helped alot) I spend a few weeks to get my old GTX 560 TI to work but I could not even install windows, until I read somewhere that it is only from the 600 series and up. Ok that made sense, I then plugged in my GTX 1060 and what do you know, it worked the first time. But then I got to the sound problem. Tried solutions: BIOS "seaBIOS" vs OVMF - OVMF only gices a black screen, so SeaBIOS it is! Hyper-V on/off - no difference fix sound quality to CD-sound - no difference change settings in regedit to MSI (Message Signaling Interupt) - no difference change settings in regedit to MSI for both entries of the graphics card - one difference, windows never got picture back and had to delete the VM and start over. I also noticed a strange behavior where I ain't sure if it is an Unraid issue or a local issue (read my motherboard/CPU). But if I choose to use cores 8-11 AND 20-23 it takes more than 15 minutes to post in the VM. But if I choose 8-11 OR 20-23 it post right away. But it is a thread in another category. If anyone out there has an idea where I miss a piece of the puzzle, or where I forgot a setting please tell me, as I am growing more and more desperate. Kind regards Alphahelix

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