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  1. UNRAID machine doesn't start up

    Hei guys i am out of station currently and ll be returning after couple of weeks but my buddies at office have stated that they are facing issue with the server that its not booting up. Its actually turning on but as from i heard the lights are turned on always and even if they force shut down but long pressing it turns on automatically after a moment. I don't know what happened there i really need help here. I asked them to remove ram,.... Bla bla etc they tried and worked for yesterday and today they faced the issue again. I asked them to send required information so that i can ask you guys for help. Am posting the screenshot and info here
  2. [Support] - OpenVPN-AS

    I checked it buddy. Its pointing to the ip only. And i have changed it now. But the issue remains
  3. [Support] - OpenVPN-AS

    I tried multiple times followed every second of spaceinvader video. I still can't figure out why my connection is not going through.
  4. Removing Cache data

    Have attached everything here. Should help you understand whats wrong here in my side.
  5. Removing Cache data

    Let me try them today and update you.
  6. Removing Cache data

    Cool bro... I know its dumb. But how to run the command? Coz the unraid pc don't have the monitor or keyboard. May i know how to do that?
  7. OpenVPN connection not working

    Yeah man. Definitely. Am on a different network
  8. OpenVPN connection not working

    I have followed the steps given by the space invader video and solved almost everything but still the application is not going through to connect to the server. I have attached the screenshot of Router, Docker, Open vpn client software reports. Hope you can help here. Am a complete noob to this environment I just wanna make this work, please help TIA @gridrunner @ThatDude Guys?
  9. Removing Cache data

    Thanks man. Tried the same but no help here something with the config i guess. Must seek expert advice on this.
  10. Removing Cache data

    Hummm. are u sure It doesn;t gonna crash anything right ?!
  11. Router assistance for OPENVPN

    @gridrunner I proceeded with the settings anyway just to check if its connecting. The vpn connection is not going through
  12. Removing Cache data

    As i was setting up open vpn I did have scrambled something on the settings and i want to start afresh but the problem is that even if i remove and load it again in the apps menu. It just keep on loading with the old settings. So i feel removing the appdata cache should solve the issue. I need help on removing that or anyother solution for it.
  13. Router assistance for OPENVPN

    I made the # for admin but even the openvpn logs via admin and password? What am i doing wrong here?
  14. Router assistance for OPENVPN

    You have mentioned local password at this point. My use of VPN is that i want a remote worker to oversee the work files. Should i check the admin and give password as well? Or i should type and give the name/password of users i have created in the unraid?
  15. Router assistance for OPENVPN

    What about the dynamic DNS part buddy?

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