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  1. Parity drive swap help

    Awesome. Thank you. I think this helps me a lot.
  2. Parity drive swap help

    Does this sound about the right instructions on how to do that? Found another parity upgrade post. Just wanna make sure I do it right and not get anything deleted (although I do have a backup)
  3. Parity drive swap help

    I currently have my drives setup as the following: (1) 3TB Parity drive (4) 3TB data drives (1) 120GB SSD cache drive I am looking at replacing my parity drive with an 8TB WD red. I read some articles on this forum and I guess I'm a little confused on what to do. I understood that I need to do a parity check, clear the NEW 8TB parity drive, but what I am uncertain of if I can just put in the 8TB as a secondary parity drive and run a parity check and then take down the original parity drive once the check is good. Sorry for the ramble, I am relatively new to unraid setup. At the moment I haven't plugged in the 8TB drive yet. I am on Unraid 6.3.5. I only want to run one parity drive at the moment until I can afford to buy more larger drives.
  4. I have 32GB's of ECC ram. I can expand up to 512GB's of ram, although I don't think I'll ever need 1/4 of that. Probably at some point, will have 64GB's

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