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  1. I'm very content with the RC releases, incremental releases have been fairly well tested and stable and i have not seen any breaking issues so far. Normally i'm not a guy that runs release candidates on systems that involve data, since recovery and restoring takes to much of my precious time. But the quality of the releases in the candidate pipeline are like u said stable, and that's why i haven't missed a release candidate release on unRAID. We often add new features in our release candidates as well, so i don't mind that either. Mostly when it's needed or demanded by our costumers. Would the releases go the fully "beta" state, i would certainly not run it. Setting up a extra machine for testing would not be worth the effort for me. For the size of your company your doing a amazing job, supporting the range of platforms and trying to solve issues on certain hardware platforms. Surely in my opinion not deserving some of the comments that i have read on the forum, for most because of the complexity of the (sub)systems. Maybe publishing a issue tracker / roadmap / backlog dashboard would give more insight to people where the development is going towards or what you are working on. I'm not sure the forums are the right tool for that. But on the other hand managing a system like that would give a lot of extra overhead for a small company like yours. So i would understand that if it's not a option to maintain.
  2. Kingston VR ECC UDIMM DDR4-2400 16GB Micron, had to upgrade my memory due to memory starvation related crashes.
  3. My guess would be network related, network interface or configuration? Hard to say with out the full diagnostics.
  4. SiNtEnEl

    Think my server got breached

    Got the same behavior on my plex instance, the use 32400 or what ever port u use in your configuration.
  5. Just tested the docker approach by running dd from a container and i'm getting same disk performance as the alpha version of diskspeed. Was concerned it may influence the benchmarks.
  6. SiNtEnEl

    (Solved) Unraid OS not booting correctly

    Glad you found the issue, well at least u confirmed the memory is OK.
  7. SiNtEnEl

    (Solved) Unraid OS not booting correctly

    Memtest cycle can run a while, if its running a memtest it won't show up in the network. If memtest is OK, boot the OS with out the new disks see if its OK. Then add the disks one for one. (offline and then see if it boots)
  8. SiNtEnEl

    (Solved) Unraid OS not booting correctly

    I would do a Memtest, and check if the memory is working correctly. If that doesnt work, disconnect the new drives and try a Memtest. Proceed from that if it's ok.
  9. Supermicro boards have a long history of not having a correct scaling lm-sensors and need to be offset. I had this in the past on other linux distribution, but this probably would be the case with your machine. You can correct this by setting the correct offset values in the sensors configuration. Guide for this u can find here, not for Unraid but should do the same with sensors 3.4 on Unraid: (If it does not correct it directly after placing the file, it could be that u need to run sensors -s.) Some configs u can find here: Mainly for the older boards, u could try supermicro support as well to get a config solution. Some boards don't report to well with out superdoctor being installed on the system. But i would try the offset route first, and see if that corrects the issue your having.
  10. SiNtEnEl

    HW transcoding

    There is some difference in iGPU performance with in some Intel series, like the Intel HD 630 and Intel HD P630. But for most apply the processor generation. What series supports what is easy to read in this list:
  11. SiNtEnEl

    No DNS for Docker VLAN [Solved]

    Glad we found the root cause, i used the cli mostly as well. For me is was a good docker documentation recap. My wifi vlan has internet access and can access google trough the vpn tunnel.
  12. SiNtEnEl

    Build(log): UnNASty

    Currently cheapest "dumpster" drives are €0,026 per gigabyte, still would hit me for 850 euro in disks. (need to by a extra disk due to overlap) Cheapest NAS capable disks that i would consider are €0,029 per gigabyte, so i rather save a bit more and do a larger NAS solution. Older disks will be kept for offline backup, what i'm doing at the moment, but that is always less then the size of my current storage.
  13. SiNtEnEl

    No DNS for Docker VLAN [Solved] In the absence of the --dns=IP_ADDRESS..., --dns-search=DOMAIN..., or --dns-opt=OPTION... options, Docker uses the /etc/resolv.conf of the host machine (where the docker daemon runs). While doing so the daemon filters out all localhost IP address nameserver entries from the host’s original file. The information in this section covers the embedded DNS server operation for containers in user-defined networks. DNS lookup for containers connected to user-defined networks works differently compared to the containers connected to default bridge network. if there are no more nameserver entries left in the container’s /etc/resolv.conf file, the daemon adds public Google DNS nameservers ( and to the container’s DNS configuration. If IPv6 is enabled on the daemon, the public IPv6 Google DNS nameservers are also added (2001:4860:4860::8888 and 2001:4860:4860::8844). The embedded DNS server provides service discovery (i.e. it allows you to resolve hostnames of other containers on the same network), and acts as a forwarder for external DNS servers you configured. So if there is nothing left, its forwared to google, but that should be reachable from your VLAN i presume. My host config has a internal and external backup address in it, that is reachable from my VLAN. Wonder if this could be the case, in your setup @mifronte
  14. SiNtEnEl

    Build(log): UnNASty

    Thanks @pwm, I learned it the hard way, in 2008 when kroll-ontrack had to repair 2 dead disks and restore my 5 disk raid array. (sadly) i have roughly 9,5TB in backup data, that is synced with versioning and checked on integrity and also make monthly offline backups off. Current cost in EU Netherlands, don't justify spending extra 950 euro on a new 30TB backup disks to backup all data sadly. If the prices drop, i will upgrade the backup NAS or replace it for a Unraid server. So some of the data, can be replaced or willing i'm willing to loose. Good that users warn each other about the risks of raid / parity, and not being a proper backup solution.
  15. Im playing all content including the 400mbps sample @ 50% load as well on my Pentium 4600 with out issues on plex. For me hardware transcoding is stable, and did not notice quality issues transcoding higher bitrates.

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