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  1. MMW

    [FS UK] Numerous server, PC components

    Hi, What is the spec of the memory and are the fans in the Lani Li case? Thanks
  2. MMW

    Plex - which one?

    i am using the Plex official docker and it normally is updated max 1 day after release. Search the apps for Plex, it's the one from plexinc.
  3. MMW

    can't login into wiki !?

    Sorry to hijack the topic but I am going away on business and will not have decent internet access, is there a way of getting an official download of the Wiki to read while I am away?
  4. Any ideas on this: It was working correctly until the last update (been away and only just had a chance to update the post).
  5. MMW

    Harddrive Firmware

    Helpful somewhat. I may have to just run them for now, I need 3 new 4 or 5TB NAS units to replace all this and thats currently out of reach.
  6. MMW

    Harddrive Firmware

    So a question, Who here has updated the firmware on their seagate drives and is it really worth it. I have to 3TB drives and both have a firmware update available but I have never really needed to do this in the past so was wondering what other peoples thoughts were.
  7. MMW

    Windows 10 - clone and use as VM?

    Unless you use the linux method then I think most things will need a convert, just thought this might be easier than trying the restore each time.
  8. MMW

    Windows 10 - clone and use as VM?

    Have you considered using this VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 6.2 to make a virtual image of the pc and then convert that? Or Disk2VHD from Microsoft.
  9. Hi, I sent this earlier this morning, just wanted to check it arrived ok.
  10. I have a similar issue in that one of my drives is not shown but the other 5 are. Also on the right is says 1 new drive detected (SDF) which is also the one not shown.
  11. MMW

    Link to Support thread

    +1 As a newbie to Unraid and Dockers this would be most helpful.

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