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  1. I was a bit scared of messing up permissions by copying locally so I ended up setting an NFS share on another computer. Thanks for the help!
  2. So I booted on a live USB of lubuntu and couldn't mount the drive because of a permission issue, put the drives on 777 and was able to mount them and browse their content, it didn't help for Unraid though. I did however notice that for some reason, Ubuntu apparently didn't create a partition table for the disks, here is how GParted displays it. I don't know much but I think this could be the cause of the issue? Can I create a partition table without compromising the data on the disk? EDIT: An alternative solution could be to just copy the content of the 4 TB disks to the 3 TB disks already in the array from lubuntu, is there any risk to that?
  3. Not at all, they were formatted using the Ubuntu disk utility. I'm trying to boot on a Ubuntu live USB right now to see if I can mount them.
  4. I'm not entirely sure this is the right place to post this but here we go. I'm setting up my first Unraid Server from a machine that used to run Ubuntu server. I'm a bit of a noob and I'm stuck at a critical part of the migration process. The Ubuntu server had around 6 TB on it so I added two 4 TB drives for the transition and copied over up my 6 TB of data on there. I added the two 3 TB drives to the array. I planned to use the Unassigned Devices plugin with Krusader to copy the data from the two 4 TB drive to the array but I can't seem to mount the drives. I need a hand to figure out how to mount the devices or migrate the data another way. Screenshot of the unassigned devices | Logs of the two disks I can't mount The 1 TB disk used to be the ubuntu boot drive, it's mounted properly and I can access the data The two 4 TB disks are the one I'm looking to access, the filesystem isn't displayed on the UI but they're ext4 drives formatted in Ubuntu Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help

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