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    [Support] - Unifi

    Any chance you guys will make it possible to never upgrade past the 5.6.36 LTS ? 5.7x is dropping support for all their APs below the version currently being sold, so for a lot of networks this will mess us up. Not sure if it would be possible to add a "LTS" tag or something to stay on this one? I know I could just not update the docker ever again, but I am just asking due to maybe messing up and clicking the upgrade, or somehow misconfiguring the auto update plugin to do it, etc.
  2. anethema

    WebUI address does not survive updates

    Ya I guess the problem is, the box is plugged into a VLAN trunk port, so there is no actual network on normal eth0. Just eth0.10 (what I want) and eth0.6 I access several vlans from different dockers so it is kind of an odd configuration, but ya there is no accessible IP from the normal eth0.
  3. anethema

    WebUI address does not survive updates

    But can I specify the IP of the unraid server ( Or won't that just cause an IP conflict? I want to run in bridge mode, not assign each docker its own IP on my network.
  4. anethema

    WebUI address does not survive updates

    Anyone know?
  5. The way my setup is, my unraid server is plugged into a VLAN trunk port, and I break out a couple multiple VLANs for different reasons. But my home network is one of those. The unraid machine does not get an IP from its main network interface. So to access my dockers, I have to visit rather than the static I have assigned on the main interface ( So no problem. I go into the docker setttings and change the WebUI: field from the advanced view to have the proper IP/port and everything works fine. So rather than the default: http://[IP]:[PORT:5800] I would set it to[PORT:5800] The problem is, the next time the container updates, this info is lost. It takes forever to go through all the dockers and change it again. Any idea how to make this behavior stay?
  6. anethema

    [Support] - Plex Requests

    Hm. If you enable user authentication, it just stops working all together. I get a 500 internal server error, and the logs read as follows: Exception while invoking method 'checkPlexUser' TypeError: Cannot call method 'toLowerCase' of undefined at [object Object].Meteor.methods.checkPlexUser (server/methods/authentication/plexAuthentication.js:69:1) at maybeAuditArgumentChecks (livedata_server.js:1698:12) at livedata_server.js:708:19 at [object Object]._.extend.withValue (packages/meteor/dynamics_nodejs.js:56:1) at livedata_server.js:706:40 at [object Object]._.extend.withValue (packages/meteor/dynamics_nodejs.js:56:1) at livedata_server.js:704:46 at tryCallTwo (/app/bundle/programs/server/npm/promise/node_modules/meteor-promise/node_modules/promise/lib/core.js:45:5) at doResolve (/app/bundle/programs/server/npm/promise/node_modules/meteor-promise/node_modules/promise/lib/core.js:171:13) at new Promise (/app/bundle/programs/server/npm/promise/node_modules/meteor-promise/node_modules/promise/lib/core.js:65:3)
  7. anethema

    [Support] Cacti

    Ya I can't risk losing all that work by clicking the wrong button anyways. Too risky! I'll have to keep running it in a VM for now.
  8. anethema

    [Support] Cacti

    I don't actually see a save button on 6.4.1 ( ) and it is definitely wiping the entire system every 'apply' of the docker. I think we simply need to figure out where cacti is storing the db/conf shit and make sure that goes in an appdata mount rather than in the normal image.
  9. anethema

    Network monitoring

    Did you ever figure out a way to get cacti working? I'd love to do some real monitoring with it.
  10. anethema

    FileBot containers

    @coppit I'm a bit new to the dockers, but out of curiousity: I've customezed my a good bit with regards to file naming, and move behavior. I have only one folder mount now, input within output, and in the docker I set the env variables INPUT_DIR and OUTPUT_DIR. My question is, will filebot updates replace my scripts/configs sometimes? Will I have to reconfigure etc? Also, is there a changelog for updates? I notice tons of my docker containers are always getting updates but I cant find update documentation anywhere. Even the git doesn't have a commit since mid 2017. Thanks!
  11. anethema

    [Support] - Unifi

    Just incase people are having trouble in bridge mode... For me it was because the default inform URL was set to http://unfi:8080/inform. This doesn't seem to work in bridge mode. I had to do the following: ssh to the AP/switch/router/whatever. Type the following. Anything in bolt you type in terminal: set-inform http://IP-OF-CONTROLLER:8080/inform (at this point it should come online in your controller. Careful it won't stay) vi ~/cfg/mgmt (At this point you are editing the config the thing uses when it reboots it will use.) (Next go to any line that starts with "mgmt.servers" but has anything other than your server IP then hit "dd" to delete the line. Then type ":wq" this will save the file to the temporary file system. Then:) save This will save the config to flash so it uses it upon reboot. You can now quit putty or whatever you're using to SSH. You need to do this for every unifi device. This should fix your problem permanently. One thing to watch out for is make sure 8080 is the exterior port. If you mapped it to another exterior port you will need to use that. Hopefully helpful.

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