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  1. perPLEXed

    unRAID OS version 6.5.2 available

    Upgraded from 6.5.1 to 6.5.2. My Plex sever works fine. I did this remotely as well.... such a rebel. Thanks for the work!
  2. perPLEXed

    Plex Pass perks WD Deals 20% off.

    You're right its 20 percent.. my math is really bad. I guess. The price is still 309 for a 10 TB Red with the 20 percent off. 30 percent would have been even more. My bad but still looks like a good deal. Ed
  3. perPLEXed

    Quick thing before i hit purchase

    So how was it? Any regrets? Do you use Plex? Does it transcode 4k with ease? Thanks, Eddie
  4. perPLEXed

    Plex Pass perks WD Deals 20% off.

    I am guessing there are tons of Unraid users using Plex. Some have the plexpass and access to the Plex pass perks. They still have the WD promo for 20% off. March 31st is the deadline. I checked prices on 2 x 4 TB Reds normally 269 was 54 dollars off for 216 out the door. Free Standard shipping. I checked a 10 TB Red $386 is $309 with 20 percent off. Damn wish I remembered this before getting off Amazon. Ed
  5. perPLEXed

    Unraid Newb.

    Hello all. I have been messing with Unraid for over two weeks. The forums were a valuable resource for sure. I initially installed it as a secondary boot drive on my Ryzen 1800x so I could play with the GPU pass through. I was partially successful in that. I was able to GPU pass through a Fedora VM and a Windows 7. I was going to follow through with Windows 10 and try some serious gaming but decided to try Unraid on my dedicated HTPC/plex server machine instead. So now I have it running on a I5-2500k 16 Gig. I now have a 4Tb Parity, 4Tb Data and 2Tb Data. This machine dual boots to windows when guests game on the big TV so it has to two unassigned drives. I found out that the Intel i5-2500k does not do IOMMU so no passthrough. No biggie. It will make a decent Unraid server. So I put docker apps Plex, SABnzbdVPN, Sonarr, Radarr. I think like others I found the instability bug on Ryzen , C6?. It would freeze after an hour or so. After I appended that little code I saw in these forums in to the GO script it got stable. I got first hand experience with the parity drive at work. Initially my server was 2TB parity and 2TB data. These drives are ancient. I noticed some errors on the data drive being reported by Unraid so I ordered replacements. The data drive failed before my drives arrived.. I then had to figure out how to get the 2TB parity converted to a 4Tb parity without losing the data. Then add the new 4 TB data to sync. It worked like a charm. Nothing lost. I was impressed enough to get the Plus key. A cache drive is also on its way. Thanks, Eddie

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