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    UNRAID 6.5.1-rc6
  1. Virtual firewall running on unraid

    Pfsense and ipfire run well under KVM. It is discussed a lot on the forum. Not sure about the others. Give it a shot!
  2. AMD Ryzen 1700x build, per some advice on here, I went ahead and bought another video card. Since the Ryzen CPU doesn't have onboard graphics, I'm having a bit of trouble getting them to passthrough correctly. First PCIe 16x slot: AMD Vega 56 Second: Nvidia GTX 1070Ti The second card passthrough works just fine, and is a huge success; however, if possible, I'd like to make use of the first slot as well. I've added: vfio-pci.ids=1002:687f,1002:aaf8 to my syslinux.cfg, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Have tried SeaBIOS and OVMF. Is it worth trying another nvidia card in the first slot? I thought AMD cards were supposed to "just work"? I've also tried another AMD card, the RX 580 in this slot, couldn't get that to work either. Ideas greatly appreciated! Log Output: https://pastebin.com/13Uh2iCv XML: https://pastebin.com/rxKstPEe
  3. unRAID OS version 6.5.1-rc6 available

    Love the progress! This is shaping up to be an excellent release. Are we still moving to a newer kernel as well?
  4. Unraid based on Arch Linux instead Slackware

    Excellent point. Maybe a rock solid base like Alpine Linux that was designed to run from ram would be a good point to consider.
  5. Unraid based on Arch Linux instead Slackware

    If anything, I could see a port to Debian stable. This is what Ubiquiti (ubnt.com) use for their routers and switches, as well as what OpenMediaVault is based on. We would benefit from a more robust kernel (maybe?) And lots of packages/ppas to add at will. LT is likely fluent in Slackware and that's why they chose it as a base. It's a great, stable distro that's been alive for a long time. I would never, ever run arch or a rolling release distro on 24/7 hardware.
  6. Support AMD Graphics (for Docker)

    IIRC, the next release is supposed to include the current stable kernel, 4.16.
  7. Hey guys. I've installed the latest unraid trial and I'm trying to get GPU pass through working. HVM and IOMMU is enabled and the GPU is in it's own group. However, when I passthrough the GPU to the windows 10 VM, Seabios is displayed followed by only a black screen with two blinking underscores. I've tried: a "vanilla" config Q35 Seabios and OVMF Stubbing and not stubbing the GPU and it's HDMI audio None of these seem to work. I get output if I use OVMF, stub the card, and specify the vbios rom for it. However, when it comes to booting the OS, it just sits at the TianoCore screen. Everything works fine if I use VNC as the graphics card instead... From what I understand, AMD cards should "just work" even as the only GPU. What am I missing? Config: https://pastebin.com/gvCZZgfG unRAID version 6.5.1-rc3 (also tried on 6.5 stable) AMD Ryzen 1700X MSI AMD RX580

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