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  1. Build new rig, need advice

    How is power usage? I have the opportunity to pick up an older HP server being decommissioned at work. Dual cpu board. Only one slot full. I can easliy buy a second processor and put it on there. HP Proliant ml350 G6 server. I don't know a ton about it.
  2. tmux seesion / user support?

    New to unraid. Very used to Arch linux. I use Tmux to multi sessions/screen in arch and also in unraid. The issue I am having, and I think it might be user thing. If I log in via Root user and I start a tmux session. The root user and my user do not share tmux sessions. Tmux new -s work then tmux attach -t work. on my old system I could detach and reattach no matter what user and get to my sessions i belive. But on this, The work tmux sessions are independent across users on unraid. I think I need to know more about users on unraid / redhat, and if it differs at all? Advice? I also notice that if I log in via root, and then ssh into server, colors and everything for text are set right. If I ssh in via my other user. just plain black and white text. Easy fix I know. I simply went to the user settings in unraid and made a new user. Really not a ton of configuration you can do with users in the gui. Is there a better plugin to better configure users?
  3. Build new rig, need advice

    I currently use a box I built a couple years ago. I7-4770k (or something like that). 24 gigs of ram. and 9 hard drives 3.5" from mixed 4 and 3 tb drives. I have been looking at either rack mounted, or just getting another desktop rig. I see a lot of people use dell r710's? I don't want to spend a ton on some top end system. Been looking at ebay. A dual Xeon board would be nice. one question. well, recommendation. Since I have so many 3.5" drives. And not all rack mounted servers support that many. What does everybody do here? What boxes? manufactures? What Xeon would I get? I will be running plex, a couple dockers, A couple vm's (windows 7 or 10) and an arch linux vm. Might run pfsense on it along with Blue Iris security cam software. Also don't want a huge power hog either. Lots of question. Somebody please point me in the right direction. Help me focus. Thanks!
  4. Hard drive limit?

    So, the drive limit is ONLY drives IN the array? Any drives external to array are NOT counted towards the drive limit? As long as plugged in after array started.
  5. Hard drive limit?

  6. Hard drive limit?

    I am about to purchase license and have some questions. I am thinking the 12 drive license but curious what is considered a “drive”. - I currently have 6-8 internal mechanical drives. Only 4 of them are in the array and parity right now. The rest are unassigned drives. - 1 ssd ( cache). - 3 5tb external. One is my video drive For plex, two are rotated out for server backups. -usb thumb drive for OS. what does unraid consider 12 drives? Is my usb thumb drive considered a drive? Is it only 12 drives plugged in at a time? I am just thinking for future planning if I should go unlimited or do the 12 drive license? Last question. Any good discount codes for license? Thanks in advance!
  7. Exiting vm's. Importing to Unraid?

    Thanks. Did some tweaking and I got it to work. Had to redo some of the networking. Now it works. I need to do same thing with with my windows 7 vm. That seems to be bigger issue. Every time it boots. Looking at vnc. It loads for a second, then blue screens and goes to system restore. Blue screen goes so quick. Can’t tell what error is. Playing woth config options till i find right config to get to boot. Might need to toy with xml
  8. Exiting vm's. Importing to Unraid?

    I ran Arch Linux and just switched over to Unraid and I am really enjoying it. I had a couple vm's (qemu) I ran under arch. Is there a way I can simply boot them with Unraid. I played a little under the vm tab. Tried to create a new arch vm, and it did not work. I need to research this more. Can I simply copy the old vm image files to a certain directory. Point Unraid vm manager to it and run them?
  9. Avid Arch Linux user switching to Unraid. Currently zeroing couple drives to start an array (this takes forever ha) My other data drives, were NOT raided, and all were luks encrypted. My question is, How can I mount those drives to copy the data off to the new array? Can I mount those drives and use them to copy off via the gui? If I go to console and do the cryptsetup commands to mount them there. Does that break anything? Can I do stuff in the terminal with the drives, or is it recommended to do everything in the gui? Thanks for all the help!

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