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  1. Pretty fluent with linux........ ok to a degree. I know I am having a permission issue. Using nzbget in docker. Files are being saved as nobody:users. My user is say bob on samba. When I try to delete files from my windows box (or any other device) I don't have permission to delete. How do I make it that my user can have rights to delete or modify? Add bob to the Users group? I think that user is. I understand that any " user" on unraid is a samba user and not a true linux user. Please advise. edit****** I ran the tool under tools for docker safe new permissions. I excluded every folder I have except my download folder. that worked. I dont' want to always run that (or go and manually chown all files) when I want to delete something.........
  2. bphillips330

    How to start encrypted array from cli?

    I am very familiar with tunneling over ssh. I already have putty setup with this. Can't figure out how to do via securecrt. I guess my questoin is. If I reboot my server remotely. I don't have the key saved at the moment for obvoius reason. But I can't wait till I get to server to reboot. One of my external drives is causing an error which took all my unassigned devices offline. If I reboot server. I wonder If I can still get to ssh into the server and boot from cli. Or, I have another computer up on the network. I can RDP to that computer. Then start the server that way. Hmm that should work.
  3. I need to get this setup on my Raspberri. Need to figure out how when I get the illusive free time!
  4. bphillips330

    Mounting Luks Container?

    Is there a simple way to mount a Luks container via unraid? I have an image file. Before I went to unraid, I would simply Cryptesetup open luks blahblah.img blahblah then mount /dev/mapper/blahblah foldername I do that now in unraid. SSH in and do that. Mount it to a share I made on unraid. I am able to view it and everything works. The CATCH is when I go to unmount it umount /mnt/user/blahblah then luksClose /dev/mapper/blahblah...................... it just says it is busy I have made sure I don't have the folder open anywhere. It seems after an extended amount of time. It FINALLY release and I can unmount the folder. Then after another really long time, I can then luksClose the container. I am not sure how Unraid handles the file, especially since I mount it from terminal. Or.......... How do I kill the session? Force linux to let go of folder so I can unmount and close? Or, is there some sort of plugin I can do all this with? Thanks
  5. bphillips330

    HP Proliant & unRaid Information Thread

    I have an ml350g5 I got from work. I know it is older. Only had on Xeon 5520 on it. I know I can get a second Xeon on eBay for cheap. But, how can I tell what this board can handle? If I want to get the fastest Xeon possible for the board? I know dells support page tells of such things. Does HP have such a site to tell what top specs of board are?
  6. bphillips330

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Sonarr

    Yeah. I know that. Simple typo on here. I have been running Arch linux for years. New to unraid and sonarr. Like what sonarr can do vs simple script and nzbget by it self. Just can't get it setup right.
  7. bphillips330

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Sonarr

    Proper setup. Not sure how to search this thread so sorry if repeated. How do I setup sonar to work properly? I realized I think I had it set up wrong. I had sonar set to path = /tv/ (tv is ported to docker and is Media/tv share on unraid) I noticed in the Media/tv folder I had a subfolder created for eg: /ncis/season1/. BUT the actual files were NOT being copied to that. In the root /Media/tv folder there were all the files listed there, NOT actually in the season subfolder. I did some reading and it sounds like I should have a folder in my /download/series folder. My understanding is Sonar will send request to NZBGET. Nzbget will download the file and save file per its categories settings. (I have Series category now set to /download/complete/series). THEN when the d/l is finished. Sonarr will scan that folder and move the files to the PATH set in sonarr. Which is /media/tv. I made these changes. Now the files are in the /download/complete/series folder. But NOT being copied to /media/tv folder. What is the best way to setup this. Using NZBGET and sonarr and radarr. Addon: I believe radarr is a fork of sonarr. So I am guessing workflow should be the same? Please advise Addon: is there a way to rescan a my drive in sonarr (and radarr) to move the files into the correct folders and rename files appropriately? Thanks in advance!
  8. bphillips330

    SuperMicro CSE-M35T 5in3 Hotswap Cages

    Weird question. I have picked up a used dell 2950. Was thinking of using it till I can build new server. Issue I have is this 2950 only has 2.5” sas slots. Can I use this cage sitting to side of case and somehow run the backplane cable to the motherboard of the dell? I have 5 3.5” drives so this would be perfect. Please advise.
  9. bphillips330

    System locked up, please help.

    Thanks. I will try a different cable when I get home tonight. I will see if my bios on motherboard is up to date. Should I delete preclear since I don’t need it anymore. Untill i get New drive?
  10. bphillips330

    How to add 3.5” drives externally to rack server?

    That md1000 looks interesting. Wonder if it uses a ton of power. How do you connect them together. Through the sas expander? Sorry. New to rack mount server world.
  11. bphillips330

    How to add 3.5” drives externally to rack server?

    Yes. But I can’t physically fit the larger drives into the server since it is designed for 2.5” drives. Trying to find a way to retrofit or just leave the drives outside the server to work
  12. bphillips330

    System locked up, please help.

    They are external drives. Usb3. Yeah. I can see them disconnecting and reconnecting. Cables are fine since I use the same cables when I plug into the raspberry pi and drive works fine. I know when I look at logs I see an error. Did I post this is the write section to get diagnostics reviewed?
  13. bphillips330

    System locked up, please help.

    Once again my system locked up. But was weird. a couple things. I have an unassigned drive that changes from /sda to /sdb and just keeps going randomly. Well I have two of them. Both seagate 5tb. The drives worked on this computer before no issue when just linux. They attach perfectly to my raspberri pi. I think they are formatted in EXT4 format. Is that an issue. how do I format the drive to be in a usable format for unraid? What caused the lock up was I saw all my dockers had updates. I tried to update them. They would not stop. So I clicked the button to stop all dockers. Nothing..... Finally I just went to the server and clicked the reboot button in the gui. Well, firefox on unraid coul dnot find server. gui webpage would not load. But server was perfectly working. Looking at htop I could see the kill commands were given and frozen for docker. I eventually went to cli. Ran diagnostics, then just hard booted server. The poweroff command would not even work in the cli / terminal. Please look at my diagnostics and let me know what you all see. I am still trying to learn the unraid ecosystem. unbrian-diagnostics-20180515-1013.zip unbrian-diagnostics-20180515-1021.zip
  14. bphillips330

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - OpenVPN-AS

    How do i setup split tunnel? the docker image seems to be setting up full tunnel vpn. Thanks for any assistance would be helpful
  15. I ran a simple nginx on my old arch server. Now with unraid. Deciding, do I run another small vm with nginx running and host that way. Or do I run the nginx docker? Now, I know with the current unraid, nginx is built it. Is the docker something different? How does letsencrypt play with that? For security sakes. Us a vm and host that way? Or is the docker image secure? Sandboxed from server so to speak?

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