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  1. DoItMyselfToo

    New Flash Snafu (SOLVED)

    In my personal opinion the best thing to do is wipe the drive and format with fat/fat32. Then make the usb using the traditional method. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Trying to clear out the extra hardware that I don't need. Final price drop.
  3. I bought this HP Enterprise initially for a home file server, then a pfsense box, but changed to run pfsense via VM instead in my main rig after upgrading my main rig to dual Xeon with 48GB of ram. Here's the link to the Intel Ark page for this CPU. Supports AES, as well as, a handful of other security features. Low heat dissipation at 51w TDP. Everything in a reasonably small package. Holds up to six drives in this case. This setup can be exported to another case, such as the Fractal Design Define R5. New In Box. Includes: New Tripp Lite Displayport to VGA adapter (active adapter with proven track record) 3.7 Ghz Intel i3-6100 Dual Core 4gb DDR4 Gigabit Ethernet USB 3 DVD-RW Onboard Video (Displayport) $190, plus $20 shipping (lower 48) --or-- arrange to pickup - Wisconsin. Paypal. Post here; or PM - questions, interest, offers. Thanks for looking.
  4. Brand new. $165 US. Shipping - Lower 48 USA free. Shipping - CA $10 US. Shipping - EU Actual Shipping. Paypal. Post here; or PM - questions, interest, offers. Thanks.
  5. Brand new. LSI SAS2008-IT. Firmware Includes: full height and low profile adapters, CD and full documentation. $60 each (1 available; 1 SOLD) US Buyer -- $6 shipping within continental US. Post here; or PM - questions, interest, offers.
  6. Used - pulled from working server. Socket LGA 1156. I upgraded to a dual socket 1366 server chassis build. This was from my X8SIL-F that I recently sold. Works great. Ark Intel page here. $22 obo, plus actual shipping. Ship US and CA only. Paypal. Post here; or PM - questions, interest, offers.
  7. DoItMyselfToo

    One Unraid server is crashing v6.5.3

    Have you tried leaving Windows 10 shut off?
  8. DoItMyselfToo

    One Unraid server is crashing v6.5.3

    I just saw this. It's late. I'll look at everything in the morning. Not sure if I can be helpful at all.
  9. DoItMyselfToo

    Cannot Access server/wont turn on?

    That board has onboard SAS which runs at SATA III speeds. With 2 SAS to SATA cables you’ll get 8 SATA III connections. There are also SATA II connections (6 I think), which are great for standard platter HDD’s. Overall, with IPMI, that’s a solid board. Keep in mind it is E-ATX, so it won’t fit in a standard ATX case. A Rosewill server case would be great. Looks good. Double check that the PSU is duel EPS. Get some thermal paste (non-metallic), such as Arctic MX-4. Get some Arctic PWM PST case fans ( and 120 mm) for that Rosewill server case, if you get it. Amazon sells them in 5-packs for cheap (see above). Don’t mix PWM (4 pin) fans with 3-pin fans on Supermicro boards. Get a couple SAS to SATA forward breakout cables and some SATA cables and you should be good. You’ll want to price shop. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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