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  1. methanoid

    [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    Sorted thanks!! 🙂
  2. methanoid

    MacOS VM Won't boot

    Did you ever find a fix? @gridrunner
  3. methanoid

    [Support] - Jackett

    Feel free to find one and submit it..... errr I did.. two years ago in this thread Dunno why it looks white if I view that image in Chrome tab...
  4. methanoid

    [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    Thanks but that breaks my working NGINX with this error: nginx: [emerg] "map" directive is not allowed here in /config/nginx/site-confs/default:31 I tried adding map in nginx.conf but its not working for me!
  5. methanoid

    [Support] - Headphones

    REQ: New icon that works in both LIGHT and DARK themes
  6. methanoid

    [Support] - Jackett

    REQ: New icon that works in both LIGHT and DARK themes
  7. methanoid

    [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    Thanks.. well I managed to move to Nginx (finally) since killed their Apache docker... but I'm definitely going to be trying to get this to work for the remote access
  8. methanoid

    [Support] - Beets

    Does anyone have this behind a reverse proxy? If so care to tell a muppet like me how please? Thx
  9. methanoid

    [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    @Taddeusz At the risk of asking the most dumb Q ever... Does this Docker also contain a working Apache server that I can use for web hosting, reverse proxy etc. I could not find one if it does! And is there any noob friendly guide to setting up access to your VMs... I really like the idea of a client-less access to my VMs from my workplace (as they locked out all portable apps and disabled flash for using web client of Teamviewer). I asked @gridrunner if he might add this to his excellent guides videos but I know he's very busy with a pile of videos already! Thanks for this docker anyway, Meth
  10. methanoid

    [Support] - Mylar

    Ive also noted my Mylar fails to rename for me and in logs we have the same error reported earlier Could not locate exceptions.csv file. Make sure it is in datadir: /config/mylar
  11. methanoid

    Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    Since all Ryzen owners seem to still use this thread I am cross posting a link in case anyone has successfully passed an ONBOARD 3.1 controller to a VM with an AMD setup....
  12. methanoid

    [Support] - Nginx

    Went to the LetsEncrypt support thread to read someone saying "Dont use this if all you need is to use Nginx"... which is probably all I need... Dont think I need certs. Just access to see an example FULL conf where someone has used RP.... 😞
  13. I have passed 3.1 controllers on Intel with no issue and no special effort, just stub it and go.... (Gigabyte GA-X99P-SLI for example) But with Threadripper X399 I am struggling. The AMD 3.0 controllers pass fine. But if I try to pass the 3.1 Asmedia or 3.1 AMD controllers they seem to work and are recognised by Windows but it gets stuck in a Connect/Disconnect loop discovering my single USB cable which connects my Mouse and Keyboard. Has ANYONE passed either an AMD 3.1 controller (which comes with some other components in Windows but is a single item for passthrough) OR an Asmedia 3.1 controller (onboard)? If so, can we talk settings, BIOS (XHCI Handoff?) and KVM (USB settings etc) ? Thanks
  14. methanoid

    [Support] - Nginx

    Could someone share a complete nginx conf file for me PLEASE I was happy with Apache docker but it stopped working and wont be fixed so I have to move to nginx. I reverse proxy etc all my dockers so as busy a config as poss please Deluge, Sabnzbd, Sonarr, Radarr, Mylar, Headphones, LazyLibrarian, Ubooquity, Jackett, NZBhydra All sat behind my webserver in the good old Apache days 😞
  15. methanoid

    [Support] - Apache

    Deprecated??! WTF!? And if its not been updated why has it suddenly stopped working?

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