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  1. Yes, this worked. Any ideas why its going to the error stream instead of the file stream? (unRAID version 6.5.3)
  2. root@tower1:/# docker logs google-music-uploader > /boot/containerLog1.txt
  3. Thanks. I run this command: docker logs google-music-uploader > /boot/containerLog.txt and the log scrolls up the screen, the file "containerLog.txt" is created but it's empty.
  4. jj_uk

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Headphones

    Is there a setting somewhere to make headphones use a proxy for all requests? Radarr/Sonarr/Lidarr has this but I'd like to use headphonesinstead of Lidarr.
  5. jj_uk

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Sonarr

    Thanks. Just another quick question. On the media management screen, I changed the permissions to 0777 for both file and folder. Do I also need to set the User / Group ? If so, is it 99 / 100 ?
  6. jj_uk

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Sonarr

    On the System -> Status tab, i dont see the free space within the share, i see the space that is available in the docker vDisk: / 14.3 GB 25.0 GB /etc/resolv.conf 14.3 GB 25.0 GB /etc/hostname 14.3 GB 25.0 GB /etc/hosts 14.3 GB 25.0 GB My tv series are stored in /tv/<series>, which is in the template as read/write, and points to a folder within a share on the array. Is this an issue with Sonarr, the docker container, or my configuration? I opened a bug report in the sonarr git, and was told that its probably a permissions issue?
  7. jj_uk

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    thanks for the explanation. Maybe this could be fixed with a bit of jquery to only fetch say 200 lines at a time, and dynamically load more if the user scrolls to the top of the page.
  8. jj_uk

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    Open the log file in chrome to a docker that is updating the log quite a bit. Chrome starts to hang after a while, then it complains the page is not responsive and offers to kill the window. So log file viewing in chrome somehow crashes Chrome.
  9. jj_uk

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    I think i've found a bug in this Community Applications (CA). Do I report it here or is there a github or something?
  10. Is it possible to add a share in the logs folder so i can copy the log file to windows PC ? I need to send a complete log file to a vendor (google) but I cant figure out how to copy the whole log to a windows PC.
  11. jj_uk

    [Support] Google Music Manager

    Thanks for the reply - I've not change any of the defaults for Google login. It's using email/pass logins; I've turned off 2-factor but still get the same error. I don't use or have a google email address. It's not a prerequisite for a google account. It would be good if the original author could maybe post a link that could be copied into an external browser for auth-ing, then a box to paste in the auth-code. I (briefly) managed to get this working: https://github.com/jaymoulin/docker-google-music-uploader I created a new container, copied the required settings as new fields in the template and auth-ed via the terminal as per the instructions. It was working ok then I managed to break the container whilst trying to force it to store stuff to appdata. If this container is no longer supported, maybe someone could take it over and implement a template that uses the above uploader? My skills with docker and linux are not good enough to do this myself, as I found out when I broke the template.
  12. jj_uk

    [Support] Google Music Manager

    I'm getting an error after logging in to google: I'm 100% sure the credentials are correct. Any ideas?
  13. Perfect, thank you. - I've just bought a licence!
  14. I've noticed that unRAID checks LimeTech servers each time the array is started. If Lime Tech, for whatever reason, go out of business, and their server is shut down, is it possible to retrieve the information that is stored on the hard drives? The array will not be able to be started as the server will no longer exist; if the array is encrypted, can the data be recovered? This may be unlikely scenario, but its the last thing I need to consider before trusting unRAID with my data. (I use a 3-2-1 backup strategy for 'important' data (photos, etc.), but not for media as it's too costly to store).
  15. jj_uk

    [Support] binhex - NZBGet

    Can the ISP see the endpoint? The request would surely contain information about what was being downloaded? I dont want to use NZB without a VPN, so is it possible to route the traffic through the SAB container? Or maybe a different OpenVPN/Privoxy 'gateway' type container, if such a thing exists (I couldn't find one).

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