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  1. digitalformula

    Share Your Banners

    30s hack job, but is OK for now.
  2. digitalformula

    Share Your Banners

    Man, I'm not even the one that asked for this and I still think it looks awesome. Nice job @Joseph
  3. digitalformula

    First ever unRAID forum post and it's about programming ...

    That's exactly what I was looking for - thanks @bonienl I've already altered many of the things that I wanted to change - coming along nicely. Thanks for the pointer!
  4. digitalformula

    (Solved) restart ssh after editing ssh_config

    I know this is an old post but just wanted to say thanks @A Z for answering this question. Was looking for this just now.
  5. digitalformula

    6.5.3 - Array health failure messages

    Perfect, thanks I appreciate the super fast response.
  6. My first unRAID array has been running for 3 days but hasn't yet finished the initial data seed from my old NAS (around 9TB that is taking aaaaaages). The array also hasn't yet finished the initial parity rebuild. From time to time I get these messages: unRAID Status: 2018-07-12 00:20 Notice [UNRAID] - array health report [FAIL] Array has 4 disks (including parity & cache) Digging slightly into those shows me that sdb is invalid. This is the single parity disk I have in the array for now. Will these array health failure messages go away when the parity rebuild has finished? Obviously I know they'll still happen if something else happens e.g. failure of another disk etc. I'll be moving the old NAS disks to the unRAID system when the initial seed has finished (4x6TB) although I'm nervous about doing that until I can be sure the health failures above are just re the first parity rebuild that hasn't yet finished. It is taking a very long time because I'm copying at the same time - says 6 days left, although that time drops to around 11 hours when files aren't copying. Is this expected behaviour for such a new unRAID system? For reference, here are the system specs: (yes I'm aware it looks like a gaming build - that's what it was before I converted the machine to unRAID). Ignore the compatibility warnings - they're because I have the 2x500GB M.2 NVMe devices on PCIe expansion cards that aren't in that parts list.
  7. digitalformula

    First ever unRAID forum post and it's about programming ...

    Thanks @bonienl - much appreciated. Since your name has come up more than once re UI design (etc), do you have any guidelines on the most appropriate way to do that? That's in reference to design or style guides, interface recommendations. I can create CSS all day (lol) but wouldn't want to break any unRAID design rules by doing something wrong.
  8. digitalformula

    First ever unRAID forum post and it's about programming ...

    Hmmmm. That would potentially open up a bunch more possibilities, rather than just creating a theme that is just a theme on its own. To clarify - a plugin could contain both functionality and custom style sheets/CSS/appearance mods for the entire UI? Is that an accurate statement? Asking as I'm yet to look into plugin dev for unRAID.
  9. digitalformula

    First ever unRAID forum post and it's about programming ...

    That sounds like the best way to do it. I'll spend some time looking into the most appropriate way to make edits/PR without breaking any "rules" about that sort of thing. Thanks.
  10. digitalformula

    First ever unRAID forum post and it's about programming ...

    So just to be clear - it's not that I don't like it, at all. I completely understand the amount of effort that's obviously been put into the interface as it stands today, especially re functionality. It's more me being picky about how current interfaces are. I have to say that so far this forum seems infinitely more open-minded than the forums belonging to alternative products (I'm looking at you, FreeNAS).
  11. digitalformula

    First ever unRAID forum post and it's about programming ...

    Great idea, thank you.
  12. digitalformula

    First ever unRAID forum post and it's about programming ...

    Great, thanks!
  13. Hi all, I've had unRAID running since literally yesterday - it's just hit 24 hours since I hit start on the array. I'm liking it so far, but only in terms of the basic features I've looked at. TL;DR ... can we design our own UI themes? Edit: I see that it would be easy to mess with the default emhttp/webGUI CSS. I've already modified a few of the default elements (more on that below) and have made the UI look more "current" but would like those changes to remain if unRAID gets updated. The long version ... I already have a question about customisation, though - specifically, the unRAID UI. I don't mean to throw shade at the developers but I think the unRAID UI could do with a lot of work to bring it up to the standards of competing products. This includes "appliance" NAS systems like Synology DSM or Netgear ReadyNAS. Even though they probably can't match unRAID in terms of expandability and hardware freedom, their UIs are more usable. After a quick look around it looks like unRAID runs on Nginx and PHP-FPM? I know there are custom colour themes/skins i.e. White/Azure/Gray/Black but there are quite major flaws with all of them. The white theme looks to be loosely based on some fairly old, almost "Web 2.0" design practices - tiny fonts, for example. This is really bad for accessibility (and yes, I did see the forum post where someone else requested larger fonts - I believe the built-in themes solved that particular issue). There is also quite poor use of rounded corners across many elements - in the white theme I'm referring to elements like the banner, the info box at the top right and the button bar/top menu. The additional colour themes also break a bit when certain options are enabled - for example, both the Azure and Gray colour themes cause the % used bar to float up into the banner section. So my question is this - can we create or submit *completely* custom themes or UI overhails for unRAID? I would like to get started on this, if unRAID uses a templating engine that is open to users/developers/UI designers. Thanks!

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