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  1. crashplan connecting issue

    So i have installed crashplan and it is binding ivp6 instead ipv4 is there a way to edit my.service.xml and bind to ipv4 tcp6 0 0 :::4242 :::* LISTEN 9354/java tcp6 0 0 :::4243 :::* LISTEN 9354/java
  2. Dell precision m6600

    I have used dell precision m6600 with 32gb of ram i7 quad core 512gb ssd and 2tb hard drive windows 10 pro office 2016 vmware workstation 12. Looking for $750 including free shipping. paypal accepted as payment. Item ships from Denver, CO
  3. The server has five pin usb connector. Now if I can find perfect usb port to attach to it it would be perfect for unraid usb. the board has sata ports so more ssd can be attached.
  4. Well Dl 180 g6 sounds like jumbo jet taking of at boot up time and then is silent. There where deals on servers on slickdeals Some dell server
  5. What about using decommissioned server hardware. L5630 it uses 40 watts of power and on ebay goes for 30$ there are tons of dl180se g6 for 160$ trays run for 11$ brand new on amazon. You can get dl180se g6 for around 300$ with l5630 power supplies, ram and spend the rest of hard drives. 14 x 8tb
  6. Well maybe you need to upgrade a firmware on board. I have dl380 g6 and is very quiet in my basment
  7. Can you test power supply from different system? Do you have microsystem or fries nerby?
  8. Help with a friends build

    I would go with 804 case this allows for 12 hard drives making the build future proof. There are many quad core cpus from amd with 25watt draw athlon and semptron. You can buy p410 raid card for $30 and use it as jbod.
  9. I have dell Dell PowerEdge C1100 Server for sale. two quad core xeons 16gb of ram. It supports 4 hard drives 3tb+ So easy 32tb of storage and you can run vmware and etc. 250$ obo sipped to us
  10. Well I am waiting for delivery of of my HP Proliant DL180se for 159. Now I ordered two 750 watts power supplies for 30$ and p410 for 36$ L5630 (40watts) are around 30$ each. I have sas controler and sas boxes run for 50$ I can have 36 or so hard drives 8tb each. Each controller lets me setup separate drivers
  11. I see tons of Dell PowerEdge C2100 on ebay for 167$ + 50 S&H it seems that it has perc 6i so not sure if it supports 3tb+ There are HP Proliant DL180se for 150$ You need to add power supply 17$ cpu l5540 60 watts (19$) P410 for $30. It works with 14 3.5 3tb + So 12 x 8tb + parity drive 8tb it seems perfect for plex server vdr/mythtv and so on. What do you guys think.
  12. Help with new build**

    Well the drives are getting bigger so three 8tb hard drives gives you 24tb of space those drivers are 260 from seagate. Remember more drives more power draw.
  13. Help with new build**

    Do you need 20 drives? I have 105 hd 1080P movies and 30 different tv shows most of them in HD and music and few audio books and so far I only 1.7TB had been taken. I would go for low power setup amd has 25W cpus semptron 3825 quad core or athlon 2.5ghz quad 25W. I have two kvm running on semptron one arch linux for my pbx openchange/sogo and server 2012. I have node 804 that can hold 12 hard drives and has room for couple more. I paid 60$ for motherboard and cpu and case was 54$ and power supply 67$. 8 port controler card was 105$ so 300$ including ram I have nice case that supports 14 drives. I saw a deal for 5tb red drives for 180 each so if you buy 10 drives you will get 45tb of space for 2100$ If you want 20 drives fancy motherboard cpu you are looking at 1500$
  14. Node 804 design

    I get 133 mb/s read write speeds.
  15. Node 804 design

    The case came with 3 x 120mm Silent Series R2 fans they are silent.

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