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  1. I took the highest temp for the proc temp (39) and the second one for the motherboard (34). I will check on my X470-Pro if this works too. Even if I'm not planning to move unraid to this computer.
  2. After executing the modprobe it87 force_id=0x8620 I go to System temp plugin, enter IT87 then press Load Drivers button and I have four options for processor temperature, the same for mainboard temp and only option for the array fan speed. So effectively I have something but I don't know what. Which temperature is processor temp, which is mainboard temp? What are others? As I have another issue (big one with my latin keyboard that I can't get working) I did not look further on this.
  3. I have received my new hardware to move from my testing unraid server to my "production server". I have installed unraid and I add some plugin (Fix Common Problems, Nerd Tools, Dynamix Stats / Info / Temp) and everything works well except temperatures information. I follow the threads And finally make it works. This information is more than one year old (was for unraid 6.3) and has disappeared. I was figuring out if there is now a better way to get this works. Regards,
  4. AlexMex

    php.ini in Joomla Docker

    if by "exec" in the container you mean open a console in the container, I did it. I find the explanation. There is no php.ini in the joomla docker. I got to create one in the root of the volume /mnt/user/appdata/joomla and now everything works perfectly. I have duplicated my template and I can run several joomla in parallel. That's really nice.
  5. AlexMex

    php.ini in Joomla Docker

    Hello, I discover last month unraid and decide to give it a try. Today I have a nas4free box, an Esxi 5.5 and Esx 6.5 whitebox running few VMs. It seems that I can put everything in an unraid server. I have setup an array with 3x2TB HD and a 1TB SSD for the cache. I have installed mariadb from Apps then phpadmin and joomla from the docker. I have setup joomla. restore a web site from another joomla instance and it works great. I decide to add an extension to joomla (kunena article comments) but it fails due to a size limit defined in the php.ini file. Here starts the nightmare. I can't find any php.ini file in my volume (no php.ini file returned from find / -name php.ini) From unraid terminal I did the same and here I find a couple of php.ini (4) in /var/lib/docker/btrfs/subvolumes, 2 in /mnt/user/appdata , 2 in mnt/cache/appdata. Getting a look at /mnt/user/appdata and mnt/cache/appdata it appears to be same location. Is it normal two have to different paths pointing at same place in unraid or did I do something wrong? under /var/lib/docker/btrfs/subvolumes I have arround 90 folders (long names made of hexa digits). I tried a docker prune -f to delete the useless folder but all of them seems to be part of my fourth dockers. I have not been able to find a way to list which subvolumes correspond to each docker. I googled a lot on that and didn't find the way to do it. Any help on that would be appreciated. Finally I need to update six php.ini files but it would be better if there is a way to identify which belongs to my joomla docker.

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