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  1. rutorrent/rtorrent

    when a download comes in, that's labeled "movies," I'd like it COPIED to a different place to be imported via Couchpotato. After it hits 1.5 ratio, Deleted. I figured ruTorrent Settings > Autotools > after it's done, Copy it to /downloads/complete, but I'd rather have it copied else where if it's a Movie, and a different place if it's a Tv show. any ideas?
  2. best bittorrent client?

    @Ruckus42 You get your stuff sorted out?
  3. calibre safe setup

    well, maybe I spoke too soon here for "it's all working." I see in LL > Settings > Processing it's got a few fields in there. When LL finds something via usenet or torrents, it will send it over to SAB or Transmission (torrent client). But Transmission doesn't support labels. So, they will go to the default download directory. Torrent client handles other stuff other than books! So, how would I setup that post-processing bit?
  4. I've got OpenVPN setup on my home router so I can manage the unRaid server from work. I also have a little VPN client on my phone, and lo-and-behold, I can get to the SMB shares through my phone too! I found that I can move stuff around within a user share, but when I want to move stuff from one user share to another, it has to download it to my phone, then re-upload it to the destination. Anyone got any ideas on how I might make that move a local one instead of something that needs to come all the way back and forth to the phone? Android 8.1.0 OpenVPN 1.1.27 Astro File manager 6.1.0
  5. calibre safe setup

    finally got around to implementing this stuff. I'd like to add a couple of setup things, and please correct me if I'm off base. Lazylibrarian does not do the calibredb importing, that's done automatically in the RDP-Calibre docker. Lazylibrarian does have access to some downloads-import forlder, in my case /mnt/user/downloads/books > /downloads Go into RDP-Calibre GUI, Add Books > Control the Adding of Books > Automatic Adding (tab) RDP-Calibre has access to /mnt/user/downloads/books > /downloads /mnt/user/calibre > /calibre-library I still feel like emailing mobi's through isn't the wisest thing to do! So I'll also install calibre-web and get them over via Experimental Browser. Thanks again @DZMM
  6. I've got a broken symbolic link, and I'm sure my setup isn't right. When I started getting into what should be where, I got a lost in my brain, as each docker has it's own virtual file system that represents actual folders on the server. lrwxrwxrwx 1 nobody users 40 Jan 23 05:41 The.Movie.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO.mkv -> /movies/The Movie\ (2017)/TheMovie.mkv Couchpotato finds something it wants on a torrent site, Settings>Searcher>Torrentsite, specified to seed to 1.5 for 9999999 hours Grabs that torrent, and sends it to Transmission (Settings > Downloaders > Transmission) no specified directory, so ends up at Transmission default download dir When Transmission finishes, Couchpotato looks in a Finished directory Settings > Renamer > From, and renames and moves them to Settings>Renamer>To Now, so far as that hardlink is concerned up above, there is no "/movies" folder, there is only an unRaid share "/mnt/user/movies" so I think that's where it's getting broken. The other settings are under Renamer/Show Advanced: Default File Action: Move, Torrent File Action: Link. I'm not worried about space. I've updated both of them to Copy and Copy. Am I following this process flow correctly? There are too many things for me to juggle in my head! Any guidance would be great.
  7. [support] hurricane's Docker Repository

    I would like to request a small re-write for the subsonic setup page. In the directions, you refer to both HTTPS_PORT and SSL_PORT. I believe these are equivalent - so when talking about each of them, you should stick with the same words. This leads people to create a new VAR called SSL_PORT, which I don't think is what you intend. I wrote an additional post that has this info, and some other custom domain setup stuff here Some of the defaults in the Setup page won't work, like the /subsonic is mapped to a cache drive, but not everyone has a cache drive. It's part of the required setup. I would add all four of these entries in the default setup, leaving the values blank: /subsonic, /music, /podcasts, and /playlists I'm not sure if this is possible, but on the setup page, I'd really put some sort of horizontal line across from Title and the Value. For instance, "Host Port 1:" is set to 4040, with a subtext of "n/a." It's almost a little tough to tell where the value goes for Host Port 1, as there's a bunch of white-space, and even a little offset between the left and right side of the page. Here is what I'd put in that Setup page: Thank you very much @hurricanehrndz
  8. Unraid 6.4.0 Subsonic Docker, Hurricane hernandez, "hurricane/subsonic:stable" as of 1/25/18 I had setup an SSL connection that was working, then it flopped, and I get an error if I try to connect regardless of away via subdomain (IP and port are correct and forwarded) or local network Log attached. Any ideas? Thanks! In a day or so, I'll delete everything and reinstall with defaults.
  9. CPU throttle sabnzbd

    My system gets bogged down big time when sabnzbd is reconstructing files. Anyone throttle that puppy down a bit to keep the rest of the system from bogging down? Here, but it's an ancient article. Affected those changes. We'll see if that helps anything.
  10. calibre safe setup

    does lazylibrarian play nice with private trackers that you have to seed? What's "access the web via LE"?
  11. can't reach any ports to see web gui's

    did some downgrading, and upgrading, and all the ports magically started working again. Don't know what was going on there! Fingers crossed (again).
  12. how do i Rollback from 6.1.8 to 6.1.7?

    oook, I have a backup from before, but it's all the way back to 6.3.5. I need a download link for the older -rc9. I went back to 6.3.5, then back up to the latest pre-release (I can't choose which one, the plg just grabs the newest from limetech's post). I'll see if this is any better, or start another stability thread somewhere. Thanks for the assistance @Squid!
  13. how do i Rollback from 6.1.8 to 6.1.7?

    Thanks @Squid I seem to remember there were only two files that were necessary. So, all single files in the root directory, not the sub directories. Right?
  14. how do i Rollback from 6.1.8 to 6.1.7?

    No answer on the OP rollback?
  15. This page, Is a terrific page with loads of info. But it's just too much. It has got to be chopped up. I imagine that only 1/4 will do like the first sentence says and read the whole thing. It's WAY TOO LONG.

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