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  1. Changing to new USB and prepping to buy

    If you are willing to use your original flash drive as your permanent flash drive, you should be able to just go to Main >>> Boot Drive and click on 'Registration Key Manager' and select purchase key. However, you want to use the new flash drive as your permanent flash drive, you could use this procedure: First on the server go to Settings >>> Disk Settings and change the 'Enable Auto Start' to "No". Stop the array. Then copy the entire contents of this Flash drive (this is the one with the current working Trail License) to a folder/directory on your PC. I would call the folder Working_Key. Now Copy the contents of your old Flash Drive (the one with the expired key) to another folder on your PC. Let's call this Folder Desired_Flash. You should now have a complete complete copy of both of your flash drives safely backed up on your PC. This is a precaution against any possible mistakes... Delete all of the files from the flash drive that has the good Trial License Key. Then copy all of the files in that Desired_Flash backup folder to this drive and run the appropriate make_bootable batch file. Now copy the Trial License Key file from the config folder of the Working_Key backup folder on your PC to the config folder on this flash drive. Put this new flash drive in your server and boot it up. You should be able to go Main >>> Boot Drive and click on 'Registration Key Manager' and select purchase key.
  2. [SOLVED] Can't get v6.4 or 6.35 to Boot

    If your new BIOS settings didn't solve the problem, you could edit the topic title in your first post to indicate more what your problem now is. Be sure to include the MB info as there may be someone who is using that MB and has already solved the problem. (The more targeted the Topic Title, the more likely folks who know about the in-and-outs are to respond.) EDIT: with the last BIOS update 3-1/2 years ago, I would be likely to continue to use the legacy bootup. LimeTech only added it because there are a few new MB that won't boot using legacy, only UEFI.
  3. 6.4 upgrade loses access to servers

    Before you lose access, check to see that all of your plugins, Dockers and VM's are up to date. You might also want to read through this post: This may seem really stupid to ask, but each server does have its own unique IP address and there is no other device on the network which has the same address? Should it happen again, install the 'Fix Common Problem' plugin and turn on the 'Troubleshooting mode'. That will update the syslog periodically (I believe it is about every fifteen minutes) in the logs directory of the flash drive.) The reason for doing this is that there should have been a lot more on that screen than a blinking cursor...
  4. 6.4 upgrade loses access to servers

    Connect a monitor to the server and see what is on the screen. IF you have a login prompt, do so and type diagnostics on the command line. That will write the diagnostics file to the logs directory/folder on your flash drive. Upload with a new post
  5. unRAID OS version 6.4.0 Stable Release Available

    @ryoko227 you should probably post the diagnostics files also for both of your servers which include the time period where these problems occurred.
  6. error booting server

    Post up more details. Describe what you see on the screen during the boot process... Is this an attempted upgrade from an old version to the latest version? Give versions... Is this new hardware? Is it the first attempt to use unRAID on this hardware? If so, what is the hardware? Will the flashdrive boot in another computer? (unRAID will not write to any HD on that system UNLESS you tell it to.) Take a picture of the monitor (make sure it is sharp, not blurry from camera movement, and does not have a flash spot that obscures the text) and post it up in a new post.
  7. 6.4 upgrade loses access to servers

    Provide a few more details. What disappeared--- GUI, SMB/NFS, SSH access? Can you ping the servers? Anything on a monitor connected to the server(s)?
  8. [SOLVED] Can't get v6.4 or 6.35 to Boot

    Did you set your BIOS up to specify that you wanted it to boot from the USB drive? (You might think this is a stupid question but with all your detail that item is not listed as having been done.) If that does not work, see if you can boot it in your MAC. It won't do any writing to the disks installed in the MAC UNLESS you tell it to!)
  9. Power outage.. no notifications?

    The only way around this problem is to plug everything on the network into the UPS so that it continues to operate until the UPS shuts down. (In our area, the ISP keeps its system running through the use of its own battery-backup/backup-generator scheme. I would guess that the line amps are powered by a some sort of power feed system built into the cable from the ISP head end.)
  10. Strange unRAID disconnect problem

    And is your unRAID server setup to become the Local Master? Reading through the following thread will give you some other tips and things to try:
  11. Power outage.. no notifications?

    Is your network plugged into a UPS? Here in the US, when the power goes out, the modem, router and switch go down with the power loss.
  12. unRAID OS version 6.4.0 Stable Release Available

    If the previous checks have not had errors AND this one does have any at the point where I looked it it before rebooting, I (personally) would not hesitate to stop it. However, after figuring out what the problem was(is?) and the server had been staple for a time that I was sure it was fixed, I would probably do a parity check just to be comfortable that everything was back to normal.
  13. unRAID OS version 6.4.0 Stable Release Available

    If you put the setting to 'Yes', you will get the self-signed certificate. You will then have to beat your browser into submission as none of them 'like' self-signed certificates. Google is your friend in doing this. (If I remember correctly, I use terms like 'trusted site' along with the browser name.) I did not have to edit the hosts file although, for Chrome, I did have to add my servers as Trusted sites in a a Control Panel app. A bit of a hassle but it only took a couple of minutes after I found the right procedure with Google. (Be sure you look at the date on the procedure as what worked a few years ago may not work with the current browser.)
  14. I used @Joe L. command to fix it to run post 6.2. That fixed the problem with the script not working at all. As far as the issue the second part of the second one 'fixes', I don't really care which parameter the report contains, time or speed, either is equivalent of the other. (As a note of disclosure, I have not run the script for more than a year. The last new disks that I precleared, I used the plugin. But that was before the release of 6.4.X.)
  15. unRAID OS version 6.4.0 Stable Release Available

    That is the $64 question. It can be either software or hardware. (My server was doing unclean shutdowns and I traced the problem to a new PS that I can installed about three weeks prior!) So I would suggest that you follow suggestion and boot it in the Safe Mode. That should eliminate everything except for the hardware and the base unRAID OS. And the base unRAID OS would be my second choice for a cause in that investigation.

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