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  1. unRAID OS version 6.5.1 Stable Release Available

    Because the user has to set up the types of notification that he/she is going to be using. The warning was (I believe) implemented because many of the experts felt that many users were ignoring (through ignorance or laziness) this vital feature which will often alert the user to minor problems that are simple to correct before they escalate into a situation where data loss will occur.
  2. You are saying that both of your computers have the Computer Name? That should not be difficult to change and that should be your starting point. I understand that the User Name is a bit more of a hassle-- especially with Win10. (I, personally, would avoid using the User Name on the Windows computer as a user on the server.)
  3. You might want to read a series of posts beginning with this one: One more thing. You can only have one user logged onto SMB from a computer at a time. (Some folks have gotten around this be using the IP address {rather than its name} of the server to allow a added a second logon.) You have to be careful because Windows can automatically log a user onto a server when the computer starts up and you might never realize it.
  4. Server identification

    You may have to reboot both the server and your PC. Propagation of SMB Data is a very slow process as it was developed back when the 386-20MHz CPU was the king of the hill.
  5. WIll this USB stick work

    This is probably true for 98+% of the folks who have tried and are using USB3 flash drives. But there have been a few cases where the drive gets 'lost' during the boot process and never ends up mounted when the boot process finishes. I suspect it is an interaction between the hardware (both MB and drive), the Bootloader, the BIOS and the Linux Kernel. It does not occur often but it is aggravating when it does.
  6. Another disk read error post...

    You might want to read this: You also have to realize that every HD manufacturer decides which parameters to report, how to format the results, and their interpretation of what the parameter is actually showing about the drive. As a result, most folks tend to focus on these reported parameters which can trigger a report to the user. (They are found under Settings >>> Disk Settings under the GLOBAL SMART SETTINGS section.)
  7. Upgrade ideas

    I can see no reason to think that it would not be up to doing what you are looking at. Especially since you are looking at using the WIN10 VM from the standpoint of an evaluation tool. That VM should be able to do most normal computing jobs without breaking a sweat. It gets a bit more dicey when one is looking to play high end video games or heavy-duty video editing. While, I am not an expert in the use of VM's, you might be a little light on RAM. 32GB might be a better option point but only you know how serious you are about the using a VM.
  8. So the transfer between those two computers on the LAN (Win10 and unRAID) is 100MB/s. And the Win10 computer WAN upload speed is 200Mb/s while the unRAID server can only manage 30Mb/s. I would start looking at things like MTU size and other issues. Plus, have you actually tested to see what a 'real' data transfer speed is? Have you considered maybe using the WIN10 machine to read the file on the server and send it to the cloud based server?
  9. You have an unRAID server connected to the Internet? If so, how? It is generally recommended that one not do so unless you are using a vpn or some other sort of 'harden' interface. IT would be useful; if you were to describe in more detail exactly what the Internet setup is and why you need such speeds.
  10. WIll this USB stick work

    Almost any well recognized brand name flash drive will work. The one to avoid are the ones with no-name, handout drives that you got at street fair (or any similar event) and ones with completely unknown names. HOWEVER, you do NOT want a USB3 drive! There have been several folks who have had problems with USB3 drives. Most of the time, the definitive cause has never been identified. Get a USB2 drive and possibly avoid a headache. (Plus, you will probably save a couple of bucks.) There is no real advantage to the higher speed of a USB3 flash drive as the unRAID boot drive. It basically just sits --unaccessed-- after the boot process has finished until the server is rebooted (or shutdown). Then it writes a single file back to the flash drive that sets a flag that the array was successfully stopped before powerdown.
  11. SSL Certificate Provisioning

    How about looking at the time and date in that second picture! A year of 2028????
  12. can't login to server

    You are using a fixed IP address and that address appears to be fairly low in the range. Here you reserved this address so the DHCP process does not assigned an device to the same address?
  13. Hi! Prebuilt question!

    Here, your server would need a CPU with approximately 2000 passmarks to transcode 1080p video streams per stream. If you don't transcode and simply pass the video format straight through, most CPU's introduced in the past five years will do the job. Until you get to running VM's. There you have have to decide on the level of performance you want from the VM in choosing the CPU and provide a bit of cushion. It is there.... But I have found that Google is much better. Just use unRAID as one of the search words.
  14. unRAID OS version 6.5.1-rc6 available

    You can us the method described here: This does require that you install one of the stable releases first.
  15. I would be double-checking that one of your dockers is not writing data to the flash drive. Flash drives are not really intended to be subjected to repeated write cycles and this can lead to early failures. The core unRAID Operating System basically ignores the flash drive after the system boots (it runs completely from RAM) and writes to one file on shutdown which in most use cases are weeks to months apart. (Although recently with all of the security updates, this a much more common occurrence!)

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