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  1. Frank1940

    UnRaid Sever wont show on network Windows 10

    Windows 10 SMB is a bit of a mess. MS keeps making changes to it on the basis of increasing security. And each of the three main varieties (Home, PRo and Enterprise) are all at different points in the progress. But you can begin by reading this page and see if anything there will fix your computer so that it will work. One quick thing that you can try is to enter the IP address of your server on the Address Bar of Windows Explorer (Not IE) in this format: \\ Please note the backlashes!!! If this brings up the shares on your server, You can then right click at the left end of that Address Bar and drag it to your desktop. Then create a shortcut on your desktop.
  2. Frank1940

    (solved) noVNC fails to connect to server (Win10 VM)

    The title to your thread may be misleading many people. What I assumed was that you were having an issue with a Win10 VM being unable to connect to a User Share. (A lot of folks don't even like getting involved with SMB issues because they can be a bag of worms...) Apparently, your VM is not starting correctly which is an entirely different problem area. I have never run a VM so I am unable to help you figure out what is going on. Hopefully, someone will take a look and will be able to help you. EDIT: You can change your title by editing your first post in this thread.
  3. Frank1940

    (solved) noVNC fails to connect to server (Win10 VM)

    Oop's!!! I forgot to embed the link.....
  4. Frank1940

    (solved) noVNC fails to connect to server (Win10 VM)

    Read through the posts on this page. There are a number of ways to get this resolved. You just have to find which one works for you. (Hopefully, MS has not made another change to make life difficult...)
  5. First, read the MB manual and find which keyboard key will get you to the boot menu during the boot process. (That 'key' will probably appear on the Splash Screen as the system boots but you have to be quick to be able to read it.) Then select your USB flash drive from the list and see if that works. Second, there are a few MB's that will 'decide' that they should always try and boot from any new HD installed on the system. Then they refuse to move on to even try to boot from a lowly USB drive. 😉 Some times, you have to back into the BIOS after adding a new HD and reset the boot order to list the USB drive first.
  6. Frank1940

    (Solved) Problem with rebinding protection

    Go to Settings >>>> Identification >>>> Management access Now turn on the unRAID GUI 'Help'. Go to the bottom of the webpage and read how to configure PFsense.
  7. Frank1940

    [Support] binhex - Krusader

    I may have found a solution. On the Dashboard GUI page, left click on the Krusader Dock icon and 'Restart' it. That worked for me.
  8. Frank1940

    [Support] binhex - Krusader

    Well, now I am in the same boat as you. I was playing around trying to see it I could get the same condition as you got you self in. When I right clicked on the Krusader icon down the task bar, the icon disappeared! And nothing seems to work to bring it back. I am hoping that @binhex will jump up and tell us what to do--- Hopefully short of uninstalling the Docker and reinstalling it.
  9. Frank1940

    [Support] binhex - Krusader

    Look down to the bottom of the Krusader VNC window and click on the icon to see if it is possible that the app was just minimized.
  10. Read here for LSI controller families that you can use to look for 16 port controllers. Remember that they have to be flashed to the IT mode. I don't believe that the 9201 -16i has a problem with transfer speed for spinners. SSD's, quite possibly-- However, I seem to recall that 9201 based boards do not support TRIM. Most folks are using the eight port models as they are readily available on the used market (E-bay) for very reasonable prices.
  11. You can try in the 'Bug Reports' sub-section (the next one after this one). Don't get your hopes up as I seem to recall that it may be partially a hardware problem with the controller chip.
  12. Normally, there are few issues when upgrading. The array, plugins and Dockers should simply work. VM's can be a bit more involved depending on their configuration and what resources were passed through to them. I, personally, would be a bit cautious and turn off auto-starting of the array, Dockers and VM's. Then after upgrading, you can look things over and make sure there are not any anomalies. Starting things up one-at-a-time will make any troubleshooting much more simple. An off-the-wall inquiry--- Why a MB and RAM upgrade without doing the CPU? You won't have any significant gain in performance without a CPU upgrade.
  13. Frank1940

    New Flash Snafu (SOLVED)

    You will have to tell a bit more about what your situation. Specifically, the size of the flash drive that you are booting from and the amount of RAM installed on the server. Basically, the manual way to upgrade from one version to another is to download the distribution that you want to install. Unzip it and copy the bz* files in the root of the of the distribution to the root of the boot drive. This will overwrite the existing files. Then reboot the server.
  14. This driver seems to be an issue with unRAID over a period of several years. You can read about these instances by googling unraid sata_mv. Apparently, it works with certain Linux kernel releases and not with others. Someone else may be able to jump in at this point and provide some guidance.

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