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  1. Hoopster

    Help with Plex hardware transcoding

    Yes, hardware transcoding requires a Plex Pass subscription. Without a Plex Pass, the hardware acceleration checkbox will not appear.
  2. Most of us have the opposite problem. I only get call traces on br0 (same LAN and unRAID host) and never, at least so far, on a VLAN. Almost every other user who has reported docker IP address call traces has also received them on br0. I don't know if they tried VLANs.
  3. Hoopster

    [support] spikhalskiy - ZeroTier

    My background is in tech stuff; maybe I should start dabbling in emergency medicine as stress relief from all the drama I deal with daily. How does one go about picking up emergency medicine as a hobby? 😀
  4. Hoopster

    Backing up the Unraid server

    It did take me a while to get it all figured out and running exactly as I wished. My backup script only copies new files to the backup server. I don't have it delete anything. Every 90 days (hopefully enough time to figure out if something was accidentally deleted or modified), I run another script that deletes files on the backup server that do not exist on the main server. As pwm mentioned, if you want snapshots and versioning there are tools that are a little easier to deal with than just rsync (although it does have some rudimentary versioning as well). My backup script has run flawlessly every week for many months and it has survived several unRAID upgrades from 6.3.5>6.4.0>6.4.1>6.5.0>6.5.1>6.5.2 without issue. I am not saying this is the solution that is best for you, but, it does work well once properly setup. I believe the later posts in the thread discuss exactly what I did to finally get it working properly in an unattended manner. Prior to going to the sync scripts, I was using the Syncthing docker. It was adequate but rsync is much faster. In addition to Syncthing, another docker you may want to investigate is Resilio sync if you prefer the docker approach.
  5. Hoopster

    We're moving

    He was wondering if Limetech quit which would explain why the forums were so quiet, but that is not quite the case and they were just moving. 😀
  6. Hoopster

    Backing up the Unraid server

    I use rsync to backup my main server shares to the backup server once a week (of course, it can be done as often as you wish). It is all automatic using the user scripts plugin. See the discussion below. It took me a while to get it all figured out with the help of some others. But, now, it is working flawlessly without any intervention on my part. I simply wait for the email sent to me every Monday morning with a summary of the backup process. It's very fast via rsync/ssh. I am sure there are other methods that could work as well, but, this one works for me.
  7. I have found that I only get the call traces on br0. If i set up a VLAN (br0.3 on my system) and assign docker IP addresses on this subnet, there are no call traces. Bonienl thinks that something is generating network broadcasts on br0 which do not exist on br0.3. This makes sense because I only have dockers and the router communicating on br0.3. Since br0 is the same subnet as unRAID and all other devices (computers, phones, tablets, laptops, FireTV devices, Raspberry Pi, TV tuners, WiFI access points, etc) on my LAN are also on the same subnet, there could be something generating broadcasts that br0 cannot handle and do not exist on br0.3 This does not explain why Limy sees call traces on VLAN br0.34 (unless other network devices are also broadcasting on that subnet). You might find that if you set up a VLAN for your dockers, your call traces go away. Of course, I am curious as to what type of broadcast causes br0 to choke and what is causing it, but, at least I am call trace free on br0.3
  8. Looks like your call traces are just like all the rest associated with macvlan; they are the result of receiving a network broadcast and, for some reason, not being able to handle it properly. Just out of curiosity, are your dockers assigned IP addresses on br0 or do you have a separate VLAN for dockers?
  9. Hoopster

    unRAID OS version 6.5.2 available

    There are issues with the preclear plugin and the latest versions of unRAID. It is highly recommended that you remove the preclear plugin. See the post below for recommendations for upgrading from 6.3.x to 6.5.x. Note in particular this line from the Before you upgrade from 6.3.5 section. - You must uninstall Advanced Buttons (see this) and the Preclear plugin (see this, this, this, this, this, this). Consider uninstalling unmenu (see this), the Pipework docker (see this), and any other plugins you no longer use.
  10. Hoopster

    Replacing USB stick

    Good to know. I did not realize a once a year license migration was now automatic. I have been using the same USB stick for seven years and only knew about the "old" way of doing things. I need to keep up more
  11. Hoopster

    Replacing USB stick

    In addition to copying the files, you will need to have your license file registered with the GUID of the new USB stick (otherwise, unRAID will run in trial mode). To do so, contact @limetech
  12. I suppose lots of things could generate broadcast messages on br0; another docker running as host/bridge on the unRAID IP? Another device on my network in the same LAN as the unRAID server? I suppose this is a possibility since br0 is in the same subnet as the server and the rest of my devices whereas br0.3 is a separate network. I eventually want to move more of my docker to separate IP addresses, but, I have resisted due to the call traces; although, at least br0.3 is a a possibility, it appears. Here's my current docker setup (I have Pihole docker disabled as I am running it on a Raspberry Pi currently):
  13. Yes, I have noticed this as well. On br0 and br0.3 the only devices communicating on these interfaces is the unRAID server/dockers and the router. Like you, I have a Ubiquiti USG router controlled through the UniFI docker. I have never changed the default setting on this router that allows all networks to communicate between each other.
  14. As I said, I would be more surprised if you did see macvlan call traces than if you didn't given that you have never seen them on any interface. I don't know why I, and others, get them. Clearly, there is something different in our hardware, drivers, configuration, etc. that causes them to occur. Even though we all have different hardware, there must be some other commonality that caused these call traces. In my case, it is even more curious that I only see them on br0 (haven't yet tried br1). Until Limy posted his call trace above with br0.34 (VLAN), I think all others who reported the macvlan call traces also saw them on br0. I don't know if that is because they never tried assigning IP addresses to dockers on a different interface.
  15. Hoopster

    literally impossible to set up.....

    Do you have an HBA to which any disks are attached or are all disks attached to motherboard SATA ports? It looks like you have at least one USB attached external drive and your call traces/IRQ issues appear to be USB related. Since the problems are being caused with IRQ 16, you need to find out what is assigned to IRQ 16. I don't know why you are getting a "no such file or directory" error on "cat /proc/interrupts" As seen below, I am able to run it without issue on both my unRAID servers. My backup server has USB1 assigned to irq 16. Your server likely does as well. I am curious if any other drivers are assigned to irq 16. From the terminal can you do a "cd /proc" Is there a /proc directory? Here is the /proc/interrupts output from my main server: Here is the output from my backup server:

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