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  1. OpenELEC VM Template Support

    Hi, please test virto-gpu HW acceleration from this topic. https://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=56368.0 if will postive feedback LE team will merge that changes. THX
  2. Hi LE waiting for merge virtio-gpu support, after positive feedback they for sure will merge that change. So please who can, test this LE image on VM (THX) more detail about setup here: https://github.com/LibreELEC/LibreELEC.tv/pull/1287 Link to image: http://milhouse.libreelec.tv/builds/master/Generic/LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.0-Milhouse-20170207215743-%230207-g8e51cee.tar
  3. unRAID OS version 6.3.0 Stable Release Available

    maybe better stable will release with kernel 4.9.8 a lot of XFS fixes... https://cdn.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v4.x/ChangeLog-4.9.8
  4. IGD Device Assignment to VMs

    @eschultz Ok thanks, im writed to Asrock support for maybe some bios update/modification for Expose iGPU for system. i saw smillar mainboard (same chipset etc) but with HDMI port and support iGPU from intel and ASPEED GPU. I hope bios update and USB 3.0 adapter help i readed about that, is somehow linked with GPU/iGPU You can find info in adapter about Hardware Requirements "Windows GPU should be Intel, AMD, or Nvidia." and more DisplayLink's Windows drivers make use of the main GPU for rendering, and require an Intel, nVidia, ATI/AMD primary graphics driver supporting WDDM to be installed. Most systems since Windows 7 satisfy this requirement. anod more for Linux http://www.displaylink.com/downloads/ubuntu http://assets.displaylink.com/live/downloads/release-notes/f709_DisplayLink+USB+Graphics+Software+for+Ubuntu+1.2.1-Release+Notes.txt What do you think now ? im suppose many people will happy if that will works, i will order adapter and will wait for asrock answer. ... we will see. Most of server mainbards dont have HDMI port, so this will some solution for that. if they find way to work. (Asrock is very open to support/help i never had problem so i belive i will get some bios update) or maybe even conected adapter to USB will expose IGPU ... PS. im already talking with LibreELEC team to add support to image ...
  5. IGD Device Assignment to VMs

    Hi @jonp I have few question because i can't get visible my IGD no 00:02:00 device in system My mainboard and CPU M/B: ASRock - E3C224D4M-16RE CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1265L v3 @ 2.50GHz (this mainboard dont have HDMI and have another GPU ASPEED from BMC ) I added to kernel parametr video=vesafb:off,efifb:off, switch ON/OFF PCIe ACS Override, changed bios setting to enable all video setting, switch prio GPU boot onboard, pcie etc. nothing help ASPEED GPU is visible and possible assign to VM i wanted use USB 3.0 to HDMI adapter to get signal on TV from IGD http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR6.TRC2.A0.H0.XUSB+3.0+to+HDMI.TRS0&_nkw=USB+3.0+to+HDMI&_sacat=0 question -> that maybe BIOS problem - he not exposing for system IGD because mainboard is without HDMI ? or maybe something elase ? btw. most server mainboard dont have HDMI USB 3.0 -> HDMI is some option to resolve that.
  6. [Plugin] IPMI for unRAID 6.1+

    safari and Firefox i checked on both, and OK after delate config and reinstall FAN settings back. CPU cooler i for sure 4 pin, chipset cooler 3 pin - but this strange work, or even for me dont work. But when i put ipmi-raw command (which i found in this topic) into console i slow down chipset coooler without problem. And still no any sensors read this im also checked in Chrome
  7. [Plugin] IPMI for unRAID 6.1+

    Thanks ! i know that show ipmi-sensors ID | Name | Type | Reading | Units | Event 3 | ATX+5VSB | Voltage | 5.10 | V | 'OK' 4 | +3VSB | Voltage | 3.52 | V | 'OK' 5 | Vcore | Voltage | 1.79 | V | 'OK' 6 | VCCM | Voltage | 1.36 | V | 'OK' 7 | +1.05 | Voltage | 1.07 | V | 'OK' 8 | VCCIO_OUT | Voltage | 1.01 | V | 'OK' 9 | BAT | Voltage | 3.02 | V | 'OK' 10 | +3.30V | Voltage | 3.34 | V | 'OK' 11 | +5.00V | Voltage | 4.92 | V | 'OK' 12 | +12.00V | Voltage | 12.20 | V | 'OK' 13 | CPU_FAN1 | Fan | 1100.00 | RPM | 'OK' 14 | REAR_FAN1 | Fan | 1900.00 | RPM | 'OK' 15 | FRNT_FAN1 | Fan | N/A | RPM | N/A 16 | FRNT_FAN2 | Fan | N/A | RPM | N/A 17 | FRNT_FAN3 | Fan | N/A | RPM | N/A 18 | M/B Temperature | Temperature | 46.00 | C | 'OK' 19 | TR1 Temperature | Temperature | 0.00 | C | 'OK' 21 | CPU Temperature | Temperature | 38.00 | C | 'OK' i have two more FAN on front for cooling HDD but i must buy cable extesion (not connected) Thats menu from your screen i have before but after restart dissapear, even for moment show me my mainboard is not supported but now i have something like this I will try delate all configs and reinstall plugin
  8. [Plugin] IPMI for unRAID 6.1+

    Hi guys ! Im with new mainboard start using IPMI plugin, Great stuff ! My mainboard: ASRock - E3C224D4M-16RE Im updated bios, BMC and LSI firmware to latest. but i have some problem with plugin is possible setup control of FAN normal and over IP, but i dont see any reaction after setup settings also in Readings i dont see anything Any idea ? what i could do wrong ? Sensors are visible including speed of FAN each one, temp. etc. Maybe someone can share with config for Asrock im suppose most for family ASROCK RACK are smillar ?
  9. Shared with PCIE port ... im suppose chip could be from other side of mainboard and i can only suppose that will some LSI anyway 16 HDD sounds great ! PS. im also checked spec. detail. old one Avaton Atom on intel site and they write support 2x SATA 3.0 but for C2750 .....
  10. unRAID DVB Edition

    @CHBMB little sorry how you this received yes no problem im already looked in rc.modules in unraid how this addopt and maybe on days when i also wil have time i make some test build im not expect any move from your side, your script are great, with them i maked new image for unraid in 10min. And I appreciate what are you doing, for me DVB tuner user i just download ready image and i dont care about anything That was idea for future, becuase how long im using unraid from 2011 i remember that always was problem and also like you i wanted force support, but im also fully understand LimeTech (is hard to keep support for dvbtuners ... ) better if they just focus on unRAID core. So thats could be some compromise and less for work. Im also agree with you, your solution with plugin is 100% good and enough
  11. Gigabyte MA10-ST0 motherboard main specifications:Intel_Atom_C3000 SoC – Intel Atom C3000 “Denverton” processor with 4 to 16 cores @ 1.8 GHz; QKP2 code; 14nm process System Memory – 4x RDIMM/UDIMM slots for DDR4 @ 2400 MHz Storage – 4x SATA 3.0 breakout ports supporting up to 16 drives (8x shared with PCIe slot); 32GB eMMC flash Video Output – VGA Connectivity – 2x 10GbE SFP+ ports; 2x Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports (via Intel I210); 1x extra RJ45 port (for management?) USB – 2x USB 2.0 host ports Expansion – 1x PCIe 3.0 x8 slot Misc – Aspeed AST2400 board management controller Power Supply – ATX connector Dimensions – 170 x 170 mm (Mini-ITX form factor) here more: http://www.cnx-software.com/2016/07/16/intel-atom-c3000-denverton-processor-targets-low-power-servers/
  12. unRAID DVB Edition

    im compiled yesterday own image of LE for friend with DVB tuner with that changes, and working without problem addopting this to unraid is no problem. I sended PM to Limetech - let we wait what they answer
  13. unRAID DVB Edition

    I remember you talking about implementing this system a while ago, did you ever get around to trying it? At the moment I don't have the time or inclination to completely redo the system for a number of reasons, firstly this system is working and the scripts make it relatively easy for me to produce the builds and upload them and everything is relatively stable. I've got a fair bit on my plate at the moment both at work, home and support for ls.io. Not saying it'll never happen but it's going to be a while before I could sit down and spend a considerable amount of time on this. The other reason I'm reluctant to change things up is the difficulty is getting a decent amount of testers for these things. Generally if it works, most users don't want to (understandably) mess around with their system. Having spoken to LT a few times about this and they have looked at DVB in the past and decided it's not something they can really support (for some pretty sensible reasons) I'm not convinced you'd get them to agree to implementing anything at boot to support an "Unofficial" addon. yes in way to build dvb support inside system image, but that solution keep them out from support. They only must add script which will call to load extrenal modules on boot (still bzroot will untouched by us) and even if they upgrade unraid system without kernel bump we will able to use this same package of modules (now each bump of unraid system you must recompile whole image) so thats less work. thats the part of code # mount correct kernel modules dir MODULES_DIR="$(cat /sysroot/storage/downloads/dvb-drivers.txt 2>/dev/null)" if [ -n "$MODULES_DIR" ]; then MODULES_DIR="/sysroot/lib/modules/$MODULES_DIR" if [ -d "$MODULES_DIR" ]; then mount -o loop,ro "$MODULES_DIR" /sysroot/lib/modules/$(uname -r) fi fi } in file dvb-drivers.txt is name which package of modules choose (it could be located on /boot/config/... and this call triger to load external modules we can add in rc.modules ... ping @limetech @jonp
  14. unRAID DVB Edition

    @CHBMB i will try check latter i have busy day .... What do you think about solution like CvM used in LibreELEC ? please look on his source https://github.com/CvH/LibreELEC.tv/commits/dvb-drivers special init commit He not creating system image with difrent modules like we, he compiling modules and make package and over script in boot choosing which one load ... i think that solution could be better more simple etc. And some starting script LimeTech could add to official image, then we dont will must even touch orginal bzimage etc. and from webinterface user will just choose correct package of modules\ UPDATE: i checked modprobe -r ddbridge, modprobe ddbridge with changing msi=x but is some problem after unload module and load again im alwayes get in tvheadend no signal - no data - pull data timeout.
  15. unRAID DVB Edition

    I'm trying to keep things simple that's all. Did you ever try modprobe -r ddbridge modprobe ddbridge To stop the I2C errors? Curious to know. Also heard anything from Digital Devices re the bug report as there doesn't seem to be any activity on their github repo for quite some time... I will check today and let you know. About opensource driver i compiled and tested on+ i can say - yes tbs tuners works better (for me faster) - if i have second tuner in system like DVBSky is also discovered by system and work http://pastebin.com/y6UA2m2p (on TBS official driver build, dvbsky driver just crash ... )

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