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  1. It seems that EnableLinkedConnections doesnt work on Windows 10.
  2. I cant find Origin Client Host. Is it Origin Client Service?
  3. Array undefined.

    Ive restarted my unraid and here are the logs. Not sure if this is useful.
  4. Array undefined.

    From the logs, basically I have error on line 499 and 266 Line 499 is the the last line of this Line 266 is the last line of this
  5. Array undefined.

    It happen again. this time, this is the error. Please help.
  6. Array undefined.

    I also notice this line Does this mean I have no disk space available?
  7. Array undefined.

    I cant get the diagnostic logs. Nothing happens when I press download. This is the best log that I can get. Or, are there any other way to obtain diagnostic log? THanks.
  8. Array undefined.

    I have this weird problem where it says that Array undefined at the bottom of tower/ home page (see screenshot). This is the second time it happen. The first time I reset my unraid box and after reset, it works fine. All drives are green. Then it happen again. When it happen, I can still access my shares. Ssh also works. But my internet is downed. Lan pinging results in lots of no response. Anyway, whats the problem and what should I do? Have anyone experience this before?
  9. What is the recommended way of replacing data drive?

    THanks for the clarification.
  10. I follow this guide, Nowhere in that article mention anything about preclearing. So what happens? Is it auto preclearing? Preclearing not neccessary anymore with recent unraid updates? Im already rebuilding the data drive. What should I do? Stop rebuilding and emulate content to preclear or just continue rebuilding? THanks.
  11. Current pending sector, Offline uncorrectable.

    The drive is off the array. Contents emulated. After restart, drive status is still the same. So, is it possible that the drive is still alive?
  12. Current pending sector, Offline uncorrectable.

    The drive is dead. Sigh.
  13. I have this error on 1 of my drives. What should I do? Replace asap or can still use the drive?
  14. [Plugin] CA User Scripts

    I have the script running plexdrive in the background. But when I stop the script, i can see that plexdrive is still running. If I run plexdrive in console, then close the console(putty), plexdrive stopped running. What can i do to make that when i stop the script, things inside the script stop running? Thanks.

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