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  1. Preclear plugin

    For another opinion I'd never consider running more than one preclear cycle or waiting more than than the 45 hours it takes for a single preclear cycle to complete on an 8 TB drive on my system. In my view the perceived benefits of multiple preclear cycles outweigh the cost but I agree that everyone has to decide for themselves the degree to which they want to pursue this sort of piece of mind.
  2. Preclear plugin

    Same here. Found this which is an older but good discussion and includes references to preclear.
  3. v6 on Atom D525

  4. v6 on Atom D525

    FWIW I have a Supermicro MBD-C2SEE-O and found I had to use the below in the go file (now moved to user scripts plugin) for the Dynamix fan plugin to work modprobe coretemp modprobe w83627ehf I have 4 fans in a SuperMicro SuperChassis 933T-R760B 3U Rackmount case. I'm just seeing this thread now in prep for upgrading to 6.4 I'll be pretty bummed if I can't use PWM with 6.4 since running my fans full speed is super noisy.
  5. [Plug-In] Community Applications

    Awesome thanks, looks good again!
  6. [Plug-In] Community Applications

    I updated to the 2018.01.20 version this morning and now see no results when using the apps tab no matter which section or category I select. Is it just me?
  7. Preclear plugin

    Here is one specific issue mentioned ... If you want to keep the preclear plugin installed, go to the Settings>Unassigned Devices and set the "Enable Preclear rc.diskinfo daemon?" to "No" so it is not used to update the UD status. The rc.diskinfo has not been updated to support the UD mounting of encrypted disks. @gfjardim will need to update the preclear plugin. ...
  8. [Support] binhex - MiniDLNA

    I'm interested in DSD support as well. binhex, would it be possible to include the file modifications described in this thread?
  9. FYI a sampling of serial numbers for the external packaging and what drives they have been reported to contain List of Serials found so far for BB Easystores
  10. Thanks for posting that. I wonder if anybody might know if the same might apply with the sata backplane in Supermicro SuperChassis 933T-R760 case and those drives with regard to the 3.3v reset issue.
  11. FWIW a reddit resource on these drives WD Easystore 8TB Compendium
  12. HDHomerun DVR docker

    Thank you, I look forward to trying this. I seem to remember it was not possible to automatically re-start the HDHomerun DVR engine when the unRAID server was rebooted. Is that no longer a problem or is there a workaround?
  13. Preclear plugin

    Yes I noticed this as well.
  14. [Support] binhex - MiniDLNA

    I'm interested in DSD support as well. Would it be possible to include the file modifications described in this thread?

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