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First NAS OS to Support Virtual Machines and Docker

SAN MARCOS, CA – June 15, 2015 – Lime Technology announced today the release of unRAID® Server OS 6, which enables users to collapse a media player, gaming rig, workstation, server, and a NAS into a single appliance. As a robust NAS, users can combine various disk devices to create a massive storage array and manage their data via an easy-to-use web interface. With Docker, users can access and universally control an unprecedented number of Linux applications. Also, the introduction of KVM allows users to assign graphic devices to virtual machines so they can do work, play games/movies, and create content — all on one system.


“Any IT professional will attest to the benefits of separating duties between clients and servers, but with unRAID Server OS 6, we wanted to allow that separation to occur without resorting to separate hardware,” said Jon Panozzo, chief strategy officer, Lime Technology. “By putting the capabilities of a powerful NAS, that stores and protects our data, into our base OS, then isolating applications that we use to serve, create, and access that data into their own operating environments, we were able to offer multiple tiers of functionality that scales in line with a user’s hardware.”

Storage devices of various sizes, speeds, brands, and protocols can be mixed and matched for use in either a parity-protected array or a mirrored cache pool. Devices can be added one at a time allowing users to scale their storage on-demand and without complexity. In fact, unRAID can support use of up to 25 devices, allowing configuration for a maximum capacity of 192TB*.

Docker Containers on unRAID 6 allow users to isolate service-driven Linux applications without the need for any type of special hardware. Docker’s engine enables efficient use of system resources and isolates applications into their own “rooms” known as containers. Their online registry houses thousands of readily-available pre-built application images that unRAID 6 can pull from to support its own application library.

With Kernel-based Virtual Machines, users with capable hardware can assign physical host-based devices such as USB, graphics, and sound to independent operating systems that are running on unRAID 6 in their own environments. This enables users to leverage the same hardware providing NAS services to the home as a workstation, where they can do work, play media/games, and be creative with a high-performance computing platform.

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Pricing and Availability

unRAID Server OS 6 comes in three versions: Basic, Plus and Pro and pricing starts at $59. More information may be found at http://lime-technology.com.

Lime Technology, Inc., is a privately held company that was founded in 2005. Lime Technology develops software and products for the Digital Media Storage and Personal Computing markets. Their flagship product, unRAID Server OS, is a Linux-based operating system optimized for ultimate control over data and applications.

*At the time of this writing, the largest commercially available HDD is 8TB. unRAID supports up to 25 devices, and if all are allocated to the array, you will have one Parity and 24 data drives for a total of 192TB of usable, protected storage.

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